Sunday, 11 December 2011

Space Marine Librarian Conversion (w/ Storm Shield and Relic Blade) PAINTED!

He's finally finished! As well as some other HQ choices, including a Chaplain conversion and my normal librarian (using the Sevrin Loth model):

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Quick and Dirty Kill Team Rules Part 2

Here's an additional Kill Team gameplay rule we came up with, based on the rule from my Mutagenesis game:

Losing Nerve: Any model must take a Leadership test if any other model is killed within 3 inches. If failed, the model is immediately subject to the "going to ground” rule.

And here's a very simple mission to play with the Kill Team rules, as I was saying before I wanted to keep these rules very simple - able to fit on a single page if possible:

Recon Mission

This mission is played on a 4’x 4’ board, with a heavy concentration of terrain, the more terrain the better the game!

Both players roll a D6 – the highest scorer chooses a table corner and sets up his/her models within 18” of it. The lowest scorer then does the same in the opposite board corner. The player who deployed first goes first, unless his opponent can steal the initiative on a roll of a 6!

Built-up area
Due to the restrictive terrain you are playing on, no models may be left in reserve or Deep Strike.

The game lasts 8 turns. You gain 1 Kill Point for killing an enemy model or forcing it to flee the board (if it is fleeing at the end of the game, it counts as dead). The Player who scores the most kill points wins the game! Regardless of Kill Points, if one side completely wipes out the opponent, they win automatically.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Quick and Dirty Kill Team Rules

Created some quick and dirty Kill Team rules for us to use in our Vardian 40k campaign. The campaign was going to just use the awesome Kill Zone rules (found on the Galaxy in Flames blog), but ended up toning the rules down so they fit on a single page, with a few tweaks of my own. The rules will fit nicely with the XP system I'm creating too. Will create a special Kill Team Mission as well (detailing size of board, terrain, deployment, etc.), but for now here's the basic rules:

Kill Team Gameplay Rules

A Kill Team game uses the standard Warhammer 40,000 rules, with the following changes and additions.

A Team of Heroes:
All models in a Kill Team game act completely independently, and are classed as single model units in all respects..

Suppressing Fire:
If a weapon has more than one shot with a weapon (such as a heavy bolter), the owning player may decide to use Suppressing Fire. Choose a primary target within range; any models within 4" of this target are eligible as secondary targets. Roll to hit as normal - if any hits are scored at least one must hit the primary target; any remaining hits may be worked out against any secondary targets. You must allocate at least one hit to every eligible model before putting more than one hit on a model.

Pile In!:
After all assault moves are completed, any friendly models within 4" of an assaulting enemy model may take a Leadership test in order to Pile In! If they pass, the model may choose to assault too. Move the model into contact with an assaulting any model within 4". A model that uses Pile In! does not gain any bonuses for assaulting unless they have the Counter Attack USR. In the event that a model is in range of more than one assault, they can choose to Pile In! to any one they wish.

Any model armed with either defensive or assault grenades may throw one as a shooting attack with a range in inches that is double its Strength value. Use the following profiles:

Name  Rg    Str   AP  Type
Defensive   *     3   -   Assault, Blast
Assault   *     3   -   Assault, Blast, Pinning

Building Your Team

Team Structure:

Each team must not cost more than 250 points, and can contain anywhere between 5 to 25 models. No single model may cost more than 80 points. To build your team, purchase individual models from the Elite, Troops, Fast Attack, and Heavy Support unit selections in your codex. Unit leaders (such as sergeants), may not be taken.

If a model can be bought separately as a squad option (for example, Tactical Marines can be bought at "+16 pts per model") use that cost for the model. If the model can only be bought as a set squad size, simply divide the total squad cost by the number of models to get an individual price.

Unit Selection Restrictions:
  • No models listed as Unique.
  • No more than 2 models with the Jump Infantry type.
  • No more than 2 models with the either the Bike, Jetbike, or Cavalry/Beasts types.
  • No models with a 2+ armour save except for the Team Leader (see below).
  • No models with a 3+ invulnerable save except for the Team Leader (see below).
  • No model may have more than 2 wounds except for the Team Leader (see below).
  • No vehicles with the exception of a single Walker per team, and only if it has a total armour value of 33 or less on all sides.
  • No model may have a base Toughness greater than 5.
Wargear Selection Restrictions:
A team may contain no more than 5 non-basic weapons upgrades; and only 2 may be a Heavy ‘type’ weapons upgrade. 'Non-basic' weapon upgrades are those that are not initially equipped on the model. A weapon upgrade does not count towards this limit if all models in a unit may take it for free (e.g. Scouts and sniper rifles).

Team Leader:
Pick one model from your team to be the Team Leader. This model is automatically upgraded to the ‘unit leader’ version for free if it has one (i.e. a Sergeant, Nob, etc.), and may take wargear options accordingly. The Team Leader may equip some restricted equipment as stated in the above wargear restrictions, and any equipment he takes does not count towards the non-basic upgrade weapon limit. Basically, he gets the pick of the loot! The Team Leader also gains +1 Wound (to a maximum of 3) and the following 'Inspiring Presence' special rule:

Inspiring Presence: Any friendly model within 6" of the Team leader may use his Leadership for all Leadership tests.

A few of the proceeding restrictions can be lifted by purchasing the appropriate ‘theme’ upgrade listed below. Only one theme may be used per Kill Team, and at least 75% of the Kill Team's points must be used on models that use that theme (e.g. an Armoured Might Kill Team must have 75% worth of models with a 2+ saves).

Armoured Might: Any model may have a 2+ save. Any model with a 2+ save increases by 10 points.
Death from Above: You may have any number of models with the Jump Infantry type. Any Jump Infantry model increases by 5 points.
Behemoths: You may take any number of models that have up to 3 wounds. Any model with 3 wounds increases by 10 points.
Outriders: You may have any number of models with the Bikes, Jetbikes, or Cavalry/Beasts type. A model with any of these unit types increases by 5 points. Furthermore, any Bike or Jetbike model may add the Skilled Rider USR for an additional 5 points per model.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Something Different: Battlefleet Gothic

I've started a regular blog series on 40kUK, here's the first article!:

Hi guys, Something Different will be a limited monthly series giving you a quick summary of the ‘other’ miniature games created by GW… yes you heard correctly, there are OTHER games out there, not just 40k. Although 40k is my one true love (don’t tell the missus), I regularly play many Specialist Games to break up the 40k addiction into something less all-encompassing.

This month I’ll talk about Battlefleet Gothic (from now on called affectionately BFG), a wonderfully sweeping space combat game set in the 40k universe.

Similarities To 40k

To be honest, not much. BFG is probably the Specialist Game that is most far apart from 40k in rules terms, and is more similar to the way Epic plays than anything else. The game is played using a turn system with phases like 40k, but that’s where the similarities end. Which makes it a perfect game to totally get away from 40k for a while!

Differences To 40k

To quote Douglas Adams “Space is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space.” BFG scale is astronomical – literally. You may think that all those cool looking space ships represent their size and distance relative to each other on the tabletop, just like 40k. No, everything is measured from the stem of the flying base. This represents how massively far apart everything is in space. Coincidently, the models are just there to look pretty and you can, in fact, play with just a load of numbered flying bases… although that would look funny.

The void doesn’t have that much terrain surprisingly (the clue is in the name), so you really only need a piece of black card or a cloth to place on your table and you’re off. The rulebook does have rules for planets, asteroids, etc. But these are just fun optional additions that you can try out once you’ve got the hang of the game.

The number of models also differs from 40k quite a bit: whereas you may have anywhere from 30 to above 100 models in a game of 40k, you play BFG with only a handful of ships – anywhere from 4 (a cruiser clash) to about 15 including small escort ships.


The rules of BFG are pretty simple, and easy to learn with a few games of cruiser-only clashes. The rules get more advanced as you add in rules for squadrons, terrain and defence platforms/space stations – but these can be used or not used at your discretion.

The ships in the 40k universe are gargantuan space-boats, so conservation of momentum plays a major part in movement. All ships must move at least half their maximum movement (unless they use a Special Order – more on that later), and the larger ships must move a certain distance before they can even turn. Those expecting flashy Battlestar Galactica zero-g manoeuvres are in for a shock.

If you’ve played Epic, the shooting mechanic works similar in BFG. You check the angle your ship is to the enemy, and the angle the enemy is to your ship, and use a table to cross-reference this to find how many dice you can throw. Positioning is everything in BFG. Any result that rolls higher than the enemy ship’s armour value hits. Most ships have ‘shields’ that can absorb a couple of hits per turn, but once the shields are down the ship takes hit point damage – inevitably leading to it exploding in a spectacular fashion. There are other rules for different weapons, but I won’t bore you with them.

‘Special Orders’ are commands you can give a ship to use certain actions. These include ‘Lock On’, ‘All Ahead Full’, and my personal favourite ‘Brace for Impact!’. You have to be careful what order you use these, as once you fail a command check (a leadership test), you cannot make any more Special Orders that turn.

Finally, there is Ordnance. Probably the most complicated aspect of the game, Ordnance can include torpedoes, fighter, bombers, assault boats, and any special stuff your ship can throw out of its holds at the enemy. Each type of Ordnance has its own rules. Although the latest FAQ changes how Ordnance works, the game can still get bogged down with moving tiny counters across the table. So I suggest leaving these out for your first game.


Ah here we go; the miniatures for BFG are AMAZING. Seriously, just look at them. Who’s into Sci-Fi and doesn’t love space ships? The models are usually much bigger than standard infantry models in 40k, and the low model count and ease of painting (spray black, drybrush, done) your fleet also adds to the appeal. True, the bigger metal ships are a complete arse to put together, but once they are on the tabletop you’ll forget the weeks you had your hands glued to bits of greenstuff because of them.


To sum up, BFG is an amazing game with *FREE* rules (found on the GW site), great looking models, and a cinematic looking tabletop. The small number of models and lack of terrain lowers the start-up cost considerably, as well as making the game quicker to play.

Download the rules, whip out some flying stands, and try it. You won’t regret it.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Space Marine Librarian Conversion (w/ Storm Shield and Relic Blade)

Here's what I've been working on this afternoon, a Terminator Librarian for my Blood Angels doubles army (need to paint him for February). Sorry for phone pics:

There was a huge miscast on the shoulder pad with half the book was missing, and lots of excess resin along the rim. My green stuff skills are limited but managed to sort it well enough for my standards. Also gave him the relic blade from the Sevrin Loth kit (with minimal converting) and a Storm Shield from the forge world boarding captain - which was a pain in the arse and had to basically sculpt a new handle plus cables so it fit in the models hand. Looks ok though.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought Built

Had a bit of a crazy night last night, but managed to get my new Contemptor-class dreadnought built! He'll be used as a standard dreadnought in the upcoming  40kUK GT (if he's painted in time):

The pose came out well, was really awkward to position (due to super glue insta-sticking to resin), so you have to make sure you know how everything is going to fit! Also, finished painting and basing my Assault Squad, will take some good photos tonight to put them on over the weekend.

On a side note, go watch Ghostbusters at your local cinema tonight - its one of cult classics that you need to see at the cinema at least once, and this might be your last chance.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Cadian Gunnery Sergeant Harker Conversion

In preparation for a big overhaul of my Imperial Guard in the new year (once my Blood Angels are complete), I tried to convert up a Gunnery Sergeant Harker. I don't particularly like the GW metal model, and my army is based on the Cadian 501st anyway. So here it is, sorry for crappy phone pic:

Thought it came out quite well! Was torn between using the marine devastator heavy bolter (as above), or try the scout one. As it turns out, I really like the ammo feed - and it merges nicely with the ammo container on his back (again from the marine devastator sprue). And of course, he needs his +1 Bandanna of Ogryn Strength. How else does he get to be Strength 4!

Oh and popped into Warhammer World on the way back from work and treated myself to a Contemptor dreadnought :-D. Just washed all the resin, and hoping to build this baby tomorrow and get him undercoated ready for a game on Sunday (day after my mates Stag night.... urgh. Definitely time for a Bugmans all day breakfast!).

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Mutagenesis Skirmish Rules - Now Available!

Its taken me almost 2 years to write, but is finally available in its complete form... I give you MUTAGENESIS! Lots of hours of writing and playtesting have gone into the creation of these game rules (60 pages of the stuff), but are still not fully tweaked. This is why I have released it to the wider interwebs - download, read, brake the rules for me. Any and all feedback on balancing is always greatly appreciated.

We shall call this 1st edition. Although 1.1 edition may be out sooner than later if i get some good feedback. Im also looking into a rework of the points system, which i'll share once totally done.

So, if you fancy reading my work, click on the image below to download the rulebook - its pretty big (9.12 MB), I would probably right-click and 'Save As' rather than just click the link.

Right Click and 'Save As' to download

Also, here's some models for the ULF faction that i've converted and painted up for playtesting - although i might replace them with the Forge World Elysian's as they look cooler.

Currently working on some vehicle rules, and a new faction - more news on that soon!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Blood Angels Honour Guard Finished

Finished highlighting my killy-plasma-death(TM) honour guard this afternoon, another unit officially DONE. Still quite a bit until my 3k points army is fully completed though.

Oh, and here's a sneak peak at what I'll be focussing on next week:

Yep, that's right! I'll be bringing you some shiny Battlefleet Gothic goodness, hopefully finishing my final Ass Squad, and attempting to magnetise a dozer blade on to my Baal. Fun filled times ahead... honest.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

40kUK GT: Blood Angels Strike Force Crimson Death - Background and List

As some of you know, the 40kUK GT 2011 tickets sold out in little under 12 hours... which is pretty amazing. Fortunately I managed to acquire one! Been working on my army list for the tournament, as well as some army background, which you can find by clicking on the image below.
This is also my latest crack at creating an army roster template, if anyone likes it just email me and I'll send you the .xls file. For those who can't be bothered to download:

40kUKGT - 1750pts
  • Librarian - Shield, Rage = 100
  • Honour Guard x5 [115] - PF [25], PG x4 [60], Drop Pod [35] w/ Locator Beacon [10] = 245
  • Sanguinary Priest x2 [100] - PW x2 [30], MB x2 [10] = 140
  • Terminator Assault Squad x5 [200] - TH & SS x5 [25] = 225
  • Assault Squad x9 [172] - TH [30], MG [10], Rhino [15] = 227
  • Assault Squad x9 [172] - PF [25], MG [10], Rhino [15] = 222
  • Assault Squad x5 [100] - Razorback [20] w/ TL Lascannon [35] = 155
  • Baal Predator [115] - Flamestorm Cannon, Heavy Flamers [25], Dozer Blade [5] = 145
  • Baal Predator [115] - TL Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolters [30], Searchlight [1] = 146
  • Dreadnought [105] - TL Lascannon [30], Heavy Flamer [10] = 145
Drop Pod acts as beacon for the Termies (a kamikaze drop into enemy lines and hope it survives long enough for the termies to arrive), everything else acts the same as my 1.5k list, except my dakka Baal has a Searchlight so it can scout first turn and light up stuff for my Lascannons to hit on DoW missions, and my flamer Baal has a handy Dozer Blade for taking out marines in cover on the turn it outflanks :-D.

I should be playtesting the list this weekend, so will let you know how it goes. On the painting side of things, I'm halfway through painting the metallics on the new Assault Squad (should be totally finished next week), and anxiously waiting for an order of Battlefleet Gothic ships from GW direct! Hopefully have them today so I can assemble them during this week after work.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Sorry It's Been So Long

September has been a very dry month for blogging unfortunately due to not actually get much hobby done! Mainly due to social craziness, and the fact both Space Marine and Deus Ex have been eating any spare time I have. Both are awesome games by the way, I totally recommend them to anyone.

Anyway, as I've already said not much hobby this month. Built and basecoated my new 5-man naked Assault Squad for my 1.5k Blood Angels list, as well as adding a few new recruits to my Mordheim warband for the campaign (4th game this Wednesday - will try and remember to take some photos).

Also had an epic 4000 point game yesterday at Warhammer World, as we figured it would be pretty empty due to GamesDay (another borefest according to some friends that went, glad I didn't waste my time this year). Here are some photos. Was my 2500 points of Blood Angels and 1500 points of Imperial Guards versus Tom's mahoosive Chaos army.

Most of my current 40k collection.

Mass Hysteria!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Blood Angels Vs Imperial Guard 1500 Points - Testing The New List

Had a game with my new, tweaked list last night against Guard... ouch. Far more effective than I thought it would be. Although that might be influenced by my love of Spearhead deployment, and my opponents hate for it. To recap:

  • Librarian - Shield, Rage = 100
  • Honour Guard x5 - PF, PG x4, Drop Pod = 235
  • Sanguinary Priest x2 - PW x2 = 130
  • Assault Squad x9 - TH, MG, Rhino = 227
  • Assault Squad x9 - PF, MG, Rhino = 222
  • Assault Squad x5 - Razorback w/ TL Lascannon = 155
  • Baal Predator - Flamestorm Cannon, Heavy Flamers = 140
  • Baal Predator - TL Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolters = 145
  • Dreadnought - TL Lascannon, Heavy Flamer = 145

= 1499

I wanted more of an 'all-comers' list than the last one, so dropped the Vindicator and Predator for a 5 man Ass Squad with Razorback (the much needed deckchair unit to sit on the home objective, armed with a nice TL Lascannon) and a Dreadnought (with lascannon for more anti-tank, plus the ability to protect the razorback from outflankers, and still having some long-range punch).

My opponent (you know who you are) ran this list (from what i remember):

  • Command Squad - Master of the Fleet, 2x Meltagun, Lascannon, Chimera
  • Veteran Squad - 3x Meltagun, Chimera
  • Veteran Squad - 2x Plasma, Missile Launcher, Chimera
  • Platoon Command Squad - ?
  • 40 man Blob Squad - Commissar, 4x Flamers
  • 3x Heavy Weapon Teams - 3x Autocannons
  • 2x Armoured Sentinels - 2x Plasma Cannons
  • Devildog (the melta blast one right?)
  • Hellhound (the ap3 flamer one right?)
  • Leman Russ Battle Tank - Plasma Cannon sponsons

I think that was it...

Turned out it the my list worked pretty well, even against guard (my list is designed more towards MEQ). The Razorback did its job, with the only damage result suffered coming from a ramming Devildog (it was an immobilised result - RESULT! Wasnt't going to move anyway). The Dreadnought managed to rush forward and twat a Leman Russ to death - Strength 10 vs rear armour 10 = fun times. My Rhinos and Baal Predators did their usual Fast vehicle shenanigans and pinned the Guard into a nice killing field for my Power Fist/Thunder Hammer wielding (maybe khorne worshipping) Assault Squads to do their thing.

The event that might have hit the nail in the coffin for the game though was my Baal assault cannoning the Command Squad Chimera, rolling a 7 for damage (rending ap1), and killing over half of the 40 man guard squad in the resulting explosion from the objective... My opponent preceded to rip his list in half and vow to return with 3 more veteran squads with heavy weapons in chimeras... and maybe a Vendetta or two. Will see how the list does in that game!

The 40 Man Blob - About to die in an explosion from their own Commander's Chimera...

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Codex Storm Hawks v1.0.2 Finished

Right, v1.0.2 is done! You can download it at the usual link:

Here's the change log:

Codex Storm Hawks v1.02 Update:

Storm Hawks Heraldry

  • Add Tech Novitiate and Assault Marine images.

Forces of the Storm Hawks

  • Lots of white space added for future background text and images.
  • Scions of Mars - If the unit contains a model with the Artificer or Blessing of the Omnissiah special rules, the roll needed to repair is reduced to a 5+.
  • Tech Novitiate - Move entry to the start of the section, rewrite rules for clarification. Tech Novitiates now gain the Artificer special rule.
  • Master Falco - Gains "Master of the Storm Hawks" special rule, unlocking Sentinel squads as Troops. Increaes to 225 points.
  • Storm Hawks Techmarine - NEW UNIT.
  • Storm Hawks Scout Squad - NEW UNIT.
  • Firestorm Assault Transport - Remove firestorm bolters, add two heavy bolters, add Firestorm Ammunition rule.

Storm Hawks Equipment

  • Remove Crozius Mechanicum
  • Personal Teleporter - Clarify transport, reserve, and deep strike rules.

Storm Hawks Army List

  • Add Exceptions and General Unit Upgrades section
  • Remove Tactical Squad, Vanguard Squad, and Sternguard Squad entries.
  • Storm Hawks Captain - Add additional options, calrify restrictions.
  • Storm Hawks Librarian - Add a bit more fluff.
  • Storm Hawks Techmarine - NEW UNIT.
  • Sentinel Squad - Slight options points increase.
  • Storm Hawks Scout Squad - NEW UNIT.
  • Storm Hawks Jetbike Squad - New options for Tech Novitiate.

Let me know what you think about the new Techmarine and Scouts!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New (Even More) Mech Blood Angels 1500pts List *UPDATED*

Now I've almost finished my Vindicator, thought I'd give her a spin tonight at Warhammer World. Will be playing Havarel's chaos marines at a 1500 point game, so the list might be slightly (unconsciously) skewed towards taking down MEQ. Not  as many Troops as I'd normally field, but will be trying to basically kill everything rather than capture objectives.

  • Librarian [100] - Shield, Rage = 100
  • Honour Guard x5 [115] - PF [25], PG x4 [60], Drop Pod [35] = 235
  • Sanguinary Priest x2 [100] - PW x2 [30] = 130
  • Assault Squad x9 [172] - TH [30], MG [10], Rhino [15] = 227
  • Assault Squad x9 [172] - PF [25], PG [15], Rhino [15] = 227
  • Baal Predator [115] - Flamestorm Cannon, Heavy Flamers [25], Dozer Blade [5] = 145
  • Baal Predator [115] - TL Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolters [30] = 145
  • Vindicator [145] - Siege Shield [10] = 155
  • Predator [70] - Autocannon, Lascannons [65] = 135
  • = 1499

Simple tactics: Librarian drops in with the plasma heavy Honour Guard on the enemy objective or if he has left any Plague Marines/Obliterators in the open. If the Drop Pod scatters out of cover he gets to use Shield of Sanguinius to try and negate those obligatory plasma cannon shots.

The two Assault Squads will work in concert to take out the enemy troops (no doubt Berserkers), that will be de-boxed by the autocannon and assault cannon Preds. Finally the Vindi and flamestorm Pred are perfect for opportunistic pot shots at infantry (although S6 on rear armour could work...).

Only 26 infantry models, but all that front armour 13 should keep him occupied for enough time to get those Assault Marines stuck in.


UPDATE 25/08
The game went well last night, managed to wrangle a draw. List was good, but really suffers from lack of bodies. And that Vindi is a fire magnet, I can see it dead 1st turn in every game. May have to swap him out for a simple 5 man Razorback squad to hold home objectives. Also, why the hell did I put a rapid fire plasma gun in an Assault Squad... silly.

UPDATE 26/08
Here we go, the Dreadnought and 5 man Ass squad can stay on home objectives while adding some long range anti-tank, hopefully opening some cans before my other stuff gets there:

  • Librarian [100] - Shield, Rage = 100
  • Honour Guard x5 [115] - PF [25], PG x4 [60], Drop Pod [35] = 235
  • Sanguinary Priest x2 [100] - PW x2 [30] = 130
  • Assault Squad x9 [172] - TH [30], MG [10], Rhino [15] = 227
  • Assault Squad x9 [172] - PF [25], MG [10], Rhino [15] = 222
  • Assault Squad x5 [100] - Razorback [20] w/ TL Lascannon [35] = 155
  • Baal Predator [115] - Flamestorm Cannon, Heavy Flamers [25] = 140
  • Baal Predator [115] - TL Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolters [30] = 145
  • Dreadnought [105] - TL Lascannon [30], Heavy Flamer [10] = 145
  • = 1499

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Blood Angels Terminator Squad and Sanguinor Finished

Had to repaint the Sanguinor's wings (as they looked crap before), so they look a bit... chunky now. Never mind! I tried to thin down the white but still turned out too thick. Terminator Squad is also done, only took 3 hours to highlight... my mind feels numb.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mordheim Witch Hunter Warband Finished

Here's my Witch Hunters Warband, finally done, highlights and all. Next game is this Friday, I'm borrowing an Ogre mercenary for that but hopefully will get one built and painted myself by the end of the month.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Space Marine Jetbike Conversion

Had a go at converting some Jetbikes for my Codex Storm Hawks. I'm not too good with plasticard just yet so I've kept the conversions rather simple:

A yes that is a spotlight on the back, thought id paint it up as some sort of arcane hovering device.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Codex Storm Hawks v1.0 Complete!

I've been working on this for a while and thought I'd finally share it with people. Here's some blurb:

"This book details the history and organisation of the Storm Hawks Space Marine chapter, a chapter of unknown origin with close links to the Mechanicum of Mars. You will also find rules for Special Characters and their personal background, as well as specialist units only available to the Storm Hawks chapter."

And here's where you can download it from:

I've posted the Codex on the Codex Project forums, so fingers crossed it gets certified!


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Some Hobby Progress

Had quite a productive day today: mowed the lawn, hoovered the house, did some other housework... Oh and basecoated/washed my Vindicator and did a bit more to my Mordheim warband:


Saturday, 23 July 2011

Mordheim and Deathwatch

Last night's Mordheim game was pretty awesome, and all hung on just one dice roll... We were playing the treasure hunt scenario and I was less than 2" away from the board edge when I had to take a rout test. Luckily I passed and won the game!

Rolled up triple 6 on the exploration chart and received a free Ogre for the next game! Result.

Anyway, was bored so I converted up a Blood Angels Deathwatch marine:

- Meer

Friday, 22 July 2011

Mordheim Tonight!

Starting our new Mordheim campaign tonight at Warhammer World, will post some photos of it this evening when I get back. There's going to be 6 warbands, although don't expect any of them to be painted at the moment!

Its been through a few revisions, but the warband im taking tonight will be:

  • Captain - Sword, Pistol, Heavy Armour
  • Warrior Priest - Axe x2
  • Witch Hunter - Crossbow, Axe
  • Witch Hunter - Sword, Pistol
  • Witch Hunter - Sword, Shield, Light Armour
  • Flagellants x2 - Flails
  • Hounds x2

A bit heavy on heroes, but why not!


Thursday, 21 July 2011

Blood Angels Tank Weathering

Did a bit of weathering on a few Blood Angels tanks this evening, think the chips came out quite well. Looks a bit 'cartoony' but i think that matches with the extreme edge highlighting im doing.

Really easy to do as well. Chaos Black followed by Boltgun Metal, leaving an outside line of black showing. Now I just need to figure out how im going to do the weathering on the tracks.

- Meer

I'm baaaack!!!!!!

Right, hobby is back on form so I'm restarting this blog! I was going to make this an epic post with tonnes of photos of painted models I have done since the last post. But I thought it would be pointless to look to the past, and concentrate what im doing now. Few projects that im working on:

  • Mordheim! Yes i have brushed out my old Witch Hunters warband and am starting to paint it for a campaign that starts this Friday. Will post some photos of the warband later.
  • Lizardmen! Still going strong, lots of list changes, and i have a Carnosaur - which is a beast, but was a sod to put together. Failcast indeed.
  • Blood Angels! Almost finished 3k worth of models, just highlights to do.
  • Misc! Still got my BFG ships to finish, plus many other random models on my desk that need painting.
- Meer