Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Codex Storm Hawks v1.0.2 Finished

Right, v1.0.2 is done! You can download it at the usual link:

Here's the change log:

Codex Storm Hawks v1.02 Update:

Storm Hawks Heraldry

  • Add Tech Novitiate and Assault Marine images.

Forces of the Storm Hawks

  • Lots of white space added for future background text and images.
  • Scions of Mars - If the unit contains a model with the Artificer or Blessing of the Omnissiah special rules, the roll needed to repair is reduced to a 5+.
  • Tech Novitiate - Move entry to the start of the section, rewrite rules for clarification. Tech Novitiates now gain the Artificer special rule.
  • Master Falco - Gains "Master of the Storm Hawks" special rule, unlocking Sentinel squads as Troops. Increaes to 225 points.
  • Storm Hawks Techmarine - NEW UNIT.
  • Storm Hawks Scout Squad - NEW UNIT.
  • Firestorm Assault Transport - Remove firestorm bolters, add two heavy bolters, add Firestorm Ammunition rule.

Storm Hawks Equipment

  • Remove Crozius Mechanicum
  • Personal Teleporter - Clarify transport, reserve, and deep strike rules.

Storm Hawks Army List

  • Add Exceptions and General Unit Upgrades section
  • Remove Tactical Squad, Vanguard Squad, and Sternguard Squad entries.
  • Storm Hawks Captain - Add additional options, calrify restrictions.
  • Storm Hawks Librarian - Add a bit more fluff.
  • Storm Hawks Techmarine - NEW UNIT.
  • Sentinel Squad - Slight options points increase.
  • Storm Hawks Scout Squad - NEW UNIT.
  • Storm Hawks Jetbike Squad - New options for Tech Novitiate.

Let me know what you think about the new Techmarine and Scouts!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New (Even More) Mech Blood Angels 1500pts List *UPDATED*

Now I've almost finished my Vindicator, thought I'd give her a spin tonight at Warhammer World. Will be playing Havarel's chaos marines at a 1500 point game, so the list might be slightly (unconsciously) skewed towards taking down MEQ. Not  as many Troops as I'd normally field, but will be trying to basically kill everything rather than capture objectives.

  • Librarian [100] - Shield, Rage = 100
  • Honour Guard x5 [115] - PF [25], PG x4 [60], Drop Pod [35] = 235
  • Sanguinary Priest x2 [100] - PW x2 [30] = 130
  • Assault Squad x9 [172] - TH [30], MG [10], Rhino [15] = 227
  • Assault Squad x9 [172] - PF [25], PG [15], Rhino [15] = 227
  • Baal Predator [115] - Flamestorm Cannon, Heavy Flamers [25], Dozer Blade [5] = 145
  • Baal Predator [115] - TL Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolters [30] = 145
  • Vindicator [145] - Siege Shield [10] = 155
  • Predator [70] - Autocannon, Lascannons [65] = 135
  • = 1499

Simple tactics: Librarian drops in with the plasma heavy Honour Guard on the enemy objective or if he has left any Plague Marines/Obliterators in the open. If the Drop Pod scatters out of cover he gets to use Shield of Sanguinius to try and negate those obligatory plasma cannon shots.

The two Assault Squads will work in concert to take out the enemy troops (no doubt Berserkers), that will be de-boxed by the autocannon and assault cannon Preds. Finally the Vindi and flamestorm Pred are perfect for opportunistic pot shots at infantry (although S6 on rear armour could work...).

Only 26 infantry models, but all that front armour 13 should keep him occupied for enough time to get those Assault Marines stuck in.


UPDATE 25/08
The game went well last night, managed to wrangle a draw. List was good, but really suffers from lack of bodies. And that Vindi is a fire magnet, I can see it dead 1st turn in every game. May have to swap him out for a simple 5 man Razorback squad to hold home objectives. Also, why the hell did I put a rapid fire plasma gun in an Assault Squad... silly.

UPDATE 26/08
Here we go, the Dreadnought and 5 man Ass squad can stay on home objectives while adding some long range anti-tank, hopefully opening some cans before my other stuff gets there:

  • Librarian [100] - Shield, Rage = 100
  • Honour Guard x5 [115] - PF [25], PG x4 [60], Drop Pod [35] = 235
  • Sanguinary Priest x2 [100] - PW x2 [30] = 130
  • Assault Squad x9 [172] - TH [30], MG [10], Rhino [15] = 227
  • Assault Squad x9 [172] - PF [25], MG [10], Rhino [15] = 222
  • Assault Squad x5 [100] - Razorback [20] w/ TL Lascannon [35] = 155
  • Baal Predator [115] - Flamestorm Cannon, Heavy Flamers [25] = 140
  • Baal Predator [115] - TL Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolters [30] = 145
  • Dreadnought [105] - TL Lascannon [30], Heavy Flamer [10] = 145
  • = 1499

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Blood Angels Terminator Squad and Sanguinor Finished

Had to repaint the Sanguinor's wings (as they looked crap before), so they look a bit... chunky now. Never mind! I tried to thin down the white but still turned out too thick. Terminator Squad is also done, only took 3 hours to highlight... my mind feels numb.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mordheim Witch Hunter Warband Finished

Here's my Witch Hunters Warband, finally done, highlights and all. Next game is this Friday, I'm borrowing an Ogre mercenary for that but hopefully will get one built and painted myself by the end of the month.