Monday, 26 September 2011

Sorry It's Been So Long

September has been a very dry month for blogging unfortunately due to not actually get much hobby done! Mainly due to social craziness, and the fact both Space Marine and Deus Ex have been eating any spare time I have. Both are awesome games by the way, I totally recommend them to anyone.

Anyway, as I've already said not much hobby this month. Built and basecoated my new 5-man naked Assault Squad for my 1.5k Blood Angels list, as well as adding a few new recruits to my Mordheim warband for the campaign (4th game this Wednesday - will try and remember to take some photos).

Also had an epic 4000 point game yesterday at Warhammer World, as we figured it would be pretty empty due to GamesDay (another borefest according to some friends that went, glad I didn't waste my time this year). Here are some photos. Was my 2500 points of Blood Angels and 1500 points of Imperial Guards versus Tom's mahoosive Chaos army.

Most of my current 40k collection.

Mass Hysteria!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Blood Angels Vs Imperial Guard 1500 Points - Testing The New List

Had a game with my new, tweaked list last night against Guard... ouch. Far more effective than I thought it would be. Although that might be influenced by my love of Spearhead deployment, and my opponents hate for it. To recap:

  • Librarian - Shield, Rage = 100
  • Honour Guard x5 - PF, PG x4, Drop Pod = 235
  • Sanguinary Priest x2 - PW x2 = 130
  • Assault Squad x9 - TH, MG, Rhino = 227
  • Assault Squad x9 - PF, MG, Rhino = 222
  • Assault Squad x5 - Razorback w/ TL Lascannon = 155
  • Baal Predator - Flamestorm Cannon, Heavy Flamers = 140
  • Baal Predator - TL Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolters = 145
  • Dreadnought - TL Lascannon, Heavy Flamer = 145

= 1499

I wanted more of an 'all-comers' list than the last one, so dropped the Vindicator and Predator for a 5 man Ass Squad with Razorback (the much needed deckchair unit to sit on the home objective, armed with a nice TL Lascannon) and a Dreadnought (with lascannon for more anti-tank, plus the ability to protect the razorback from outflankers, and still having some long-range punch).

My opponent (you know who you are) ran this list (from what i remember):

  • Command Squad - Master of the Fleet, 2x Meltagun, Lascannon, Chimera
  • Veteran Squad - 3x Meltagun, Chimera
  • Veteran Squad - 2x Plasma, Missile Launcher, Chimera
  • Platoon Command Squad - ?
  • 40 man Blob Squad - Commissar, 4x Flamers
  • 3x Heavy Weapon Teams - 3x Autocannons
  • 2x Armoured Sentinels - 2x Plasma Cannons
  • Devildog (the melta blast one right?)
  • Hellhound (the ap3 flamer one right?)
  • Leman Russ Battle Tank - Plasma Cannon sponsons

I think that was it...

Turned out it the my list worked pretty well, even against guard (my list is designed more towards MEQ). The Razorback did its job, with the only damage result suffered coming from a ramming Devildog (it was an immobilised result - RESULT! Wasnt't going to move anyway). The Dreadnought managed to rush forward and twat a Leman Russ to death - Strength 10 vs rear armour 10 = fun times. My Rhinos and Baal Predators did their usual Fast vehicle shenanigans and pinned the Guard into a nice killing field for my Power Fist/Thunder Hammer wielding (maybe khorne worshipping) Assault Squads to do their thing.

The event that might have hit the nail in the coffin for the game though was my Baal assault cannoning the Command Squad Chimera, rolling a 7 for damage (rending ap1), and killing over half of the 40 man guard squad in the resulting explosion from the objective... My opponent preceded to rip his list in half and vow to return with 3 more veteran squads with heavy weapons in chimeras... and maybe a Vendetta or two. Will see how the list does in that game!

The 40 Man Blob - About to die in an explosion from their own Commander's Chimera...