Sunday, 11 December 2011

Space Marine Librarian Conversion (w/ Storm Shield and Relic Blade) PAINTED!

He's finally finished! As well as some other HQ choices, including a Chaplain conversion and my normal librarian (using the Sevrin Loth model):

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Quick and Dirty Kill Team Rules Part 2

Here's an additional Kill Team gameplay rule we came up with, based on the rule from my Mutagenesis game:

Losing Nerve: Any model must take a Leadership test if any other model is killed within 3 inches. If failed, the model is immediately subject to the "going to ground” rule.

And here's a very simple mission to play with the Kill Team rules, as I was saying before I wanted to keep these rules very simple - able to fit on a single page if possible:

Recon Mission

This mission is played on a 4’x 4’ board, with a heavy concentration of terrain, the more terrain the better the game!

Both players roll a D6 – the highest scorer chooses a table corner and sets up his/her models within 18” of it. The lowest scorer then does the same in the opposite board corner. The player who deployed first goes first, unless his opponent can steal the initiative on a roll of a 6!

Built-up area
Due to the restrictive terrain you are playing on, no models may be left in reserve or Deep Strike.

The game lasts 8 turns. You gain 1 Kill Point for killing an enemy model or forcing it to flee the board (if it is fleeing at the end of the game, it counts as dead). The Player who scores the most kill points wins the game! Regardless of Kill Points, if one side completely wipes out the opponent, they win automatically.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Quick and Dirty Kill Team Rules

Created some quick and dirty Kill Team rules for us to use in our Vardian 40k campaign. The campaign was going to just use the awesome Kill Zone rules (found on the Galaxy in Flames blog), but ended up toning the rules down so they fit on a single page, with a few tweaks of my own. The rules will fit nicely with the XP system I'm creating too. Will create a special Kill Team Mission as well (detailing size of board, terrain, deployment, etc.), but for now here's the basic rules:

Kill Team Gameplay Rules

A Kill Team game uses the standard Warhammer 40,000 rules, with the following changes and additions.

A Team of Heroes:
All models in a Kill Team game act completely independently, and are classed as single model units in all respects..

Suppressing Fire:
If a weapon has more than one shot with a weapon (such as a heavy bolter), the owning player may decide to use Suppressing Fire. Choose a primary target within range; any models within 4" of this target are eligible as secondary targets. Roll to hit as normal - if any hits are scored at least one must hit the primary target; any remaining hits may be worked out against any secondary targets. You must allocate at least one hit to every eligible model before putting more than one hit on a model.

Pile In!:
After all assault moves are completed, any friendly models within 4" of an assaulting enemy model may take a Leadership test in order to Pile In! If they pass, the model may choose to assault too. Move the model into contact with an assaulting any model within 4". A model that uses Pile In! does not gain any bonuses for assaulting unless they have the Counter Attack USR. In the event that a model is in range of more than one assault, they can choose to Pile In! to any one they wish.

Any model armed with either defensive or assault grenades may throw one as a shooting attack with a range in inches that is double its Strength value. Use the following profiles:

Name  Rg    Str   AP  Type
Defensive   *     3   -   Assault, Blast
Assault   *     3   -   Assault, Blast, Pinning

Building Your Team

Team Structure:

Each team must not cost more than 250 points, and can contain anywhere between 5 to 25 models. No single model may cost more than 80 points. To build your team, purchase individual models from the Elite, Troops, Fast Attack, and Heavy Support unit selections in your codex. Unit leaders (such as sergeants), may not be taken.

If a model can be bought separately as a squad option (for example, Tactical Marines can be bought at "+16 pts per model") use that cost for the model. If the model can only be bought as a set squad size, simply divide the total squad cost by the number of models to get an individual price.

Unit Selection Restrictions:
  • No models listed as Unique.
  • No more than 2 models with the Jump Infantry type.
  • No more than 2 models with the either the Bike, Jetbike, or Cavalry/Beasts types.
  • No models with a 2+ armour save except for the Team Leader (see below).
  • No models with a 3+ invulnerable save except for the Team Leader (see below).
  • No model may have more than 2 wounds except for the Team Leader (see below).
  • No vehicles with the exception of a single Walker per team, and only if it has a total armour value of 33 or less on all sides.
  • No model may have a base Toughness greater than 5.
Wargear Selection Restrictions:
A team may contain no more than 5 non-basic weapons upgrades; and only 2 may be a Heavy ‘type’ weapons upgrade. 'Non-basic' weapon upgrades are those that are not initially equipped on the model. A weapon upgrade does not count towards this limit if all models in a unit may take it for free (e.g. Scouts and sniper rifles).

Team Leader:
Pick one model from your team to be the Team Leader. This model is automatically upgraded to the ‘unit leader’ version for free if it has one (i.e. a Sergeant, Nob, etc.), and may take wargear options accordingly. The Team Leader may equip some restricted equipment as stated in the above wargear restrictions, and any equipment he takes does not count towards the non-basic upgrade weapon limit. Basically, he gets the pick of the loot! The Team Leader also gains +1 Wound (to a maximum of 3) and the following 'Inspiring Presence' special rule:

Inspiring Presence: Any friendly model within 6" of the Team leader may use his Leadership for all Leadership tests.

A few of the proceeding restrictions can be lifted by purchasing the appropriate ‘theme’ upgrade listed below. Only one theme may be used per Kill Team, and at least 75% of the Kill Team's points must be used on models that use that theme (e.g. an Armoured Might Kill Team must have 75% worth of models with a 2+ saves).

Armoured Might: Any model may have a 2+ save. Any model with a 2+ save increases by 10 points.
Death from Above: You may have any number of models with the Jump Infantry type. Any Jump Infantry model increases by 5 points.
Behemoths: You may take any number of models that have up to 3 wounds. Any model with 3 wounds increases by 10 points.
Outriders: You may have any number of models with the Bikes, Jetbikes, or Cavalry/Beasts type. A model with any of these unit types increases by 5 points. Furthermore, any Bike or Jetbike model may add the Skilled Rider USR for an additional 5 points per model.