Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Quick and Dirty Kill Team Rules Part 2

Here's an additional Kill Team gameplay rule we came up with, based on the rule from my Mutagenesis game:

Losing Nerve: Any model must take a Leadership test if any other model is killed within 3 inches. If failed, the model is immediately subject to the "going to ground” rule.

And here's a very simple mission to play with the Kill Team rules, as I was saying before I wanted to keep these rules very simple - able to fit on a single page if possible:

Recon Mission

This mission is played on a 4’x 4’ board, with a heavy concentration of terrain, the more terrain the better the game!

Both players roll a D6 – the highest scorer chooses a table corner and sets up his/her models within 18” of it. The lowest scorer then does the same in the opposite board corner. The player who deployed first goes first, unless his opponent can steal the initiative on a roll of a 6!

Built-up area
Due to the restrictive terrain you are playing on, no models may be left in reserve or Deep Strike.

The game lasts 8 turns. You gain 1 Kill Point for killing an enemy model or forcing it to flee the board (if it is fleeing at the end of the game, it counts as dead). The Player who scores the most kill points wins the game! Regardless of Kill Points, if one side completely wipes out the opponent, they win automatically.

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