Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Warhammer World 40k Doubles Weekend Report

As some of you know last weekend was the 40k Doubles at Warhammer World, and me and Tom ('Havarel' - who should be posting on this blog soon) took our Blood Angels and Imperial Guard for a run. It was a great couple of days, and some VERY VERY close games. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone, just be quick in getting the tickets as they sell out with a few hours!

If you want to have a nosey at some of the awesome armies that were taking part that day, head over to the Warhammer World Facebook page. I unfortunately didn't get to play against any of those nominated for Best Army, but the armies I did play against all looked great. Especially my last opponent (see below).

Anyway, the report:

Game 1: Blood Angels & Space Wolves - The Angel & The Wolf
A very tough game for the first one on Saturday, and a crap load of bad luck for us. We deployed aggressively, trying to use the first turn to fly into their deployment zone, keeping them away from the objectives. Unfortunately, they seized the initiative... and it all went downhill from there. A vast chuck of our armour was taken out first turn, including my Stormraven (leaving my termys stranded). Managed to claw our way towards the objectives, but couldn't contest them long enough to wrangle out a draw.

Game 1

Game 2: Chaos Space Marines - American Gangsters
This was such a good game, and some great opponents. We were happy to play non-normal marines, even if we were facing 8 obliterators, lash, and lots of nurgle! We ALMOST won this game as well, drawing on kill points on turn 5. Unfortunately turn 6 was rolled, AND turn 7, and we were taken apart. This team actually came in 22nd overall, so was impressed that we faired so well against them! So... 2 losses? Surely an easier game next right?

Surfing Libby

Game 3: Blood Angels & Space Wolves - Blood Wolves
Ah yes, the dynamic duo again, angels and wolves. Although to be fair, this was a totally different list to play against. In fact, this is the only game where we thought were going to lose from the first few turns, and it actually turned out to be a draw! Managed to do some shenanigans with my Razorback throwing a Grey Hunter squad off an objective, and my Stormraven immobilising itself on top of an objective during the last turn stops us from losing our third game in a row.

Heroic Last Stand...

Game 4: Blood Angels & Space Wolves - Tooth & Claw
For smeg sake... seriously?! Ok, whatever. Was actually a really fun game, another close one where we would have won on turn 5 due to objectives, but it carried on to 6. Also had an epic 'wreck pileup' in the middle of the board: The middle objective was literally surrounded by flaming dangerous terrain! Chock down another loss.

Junkyard Inferno!

Game 5: Orks - Gears of Waagh!!!
YES! Finally a xenos army. And what an army, I mean look at the photos below. Unfortunately we won this one, and I do mean unfortunately: They were two great guys who were a bit fed up by the end of the day (they had the same results as us, but had less close games...), and there army just couldn't hit anything to save their green skins. Was a fun army to play against, but didn't have the same feeling of tactical play as our other games. But at least we got a single win during the weekend!

Gears of Waagh!!!

Final Result
So... 3 losses, a draw, and a win. Final position was 94th out of 115 I think. Slightly higher than last year! We'll definitely try and go again next year, but taking two different armies. There are WAY to many imperial armies present, so we're already prepping a Tau and Chaos alliance!

Darth Meer

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Blood Angels Stormraven Painted

It's done! Had a few mishaps with broken cockpits that didn't want to sit flush with the hull (elastic bands and much PVA solved this), and weak bloody tail fin joints that snap and needed re-glueing and touching up... but otherwise came out OK. Didn't have a piece of paper big enough so photo has stupid paper shadows, really need to get a big piece of card or something.

Snapping the cockpit window did give me the opportunity to highlight the cockpit itself though, so all ends well I suppose. Also finished my Razorback too, here's a quick phone photo. Won't do a proper pic until I finish the squad and do a group shot.

Really want to have a go with weathering powders though. My vehicle still need that *something* at the moment. Of course I'll actually have to work out how to use them... any tips send them in!

Really looking forward to this weekend now, just a 5-man squad to highlight before then, while I should be able to start tomorrow. Although the next Warhammer campaign game is at Warhammer World in the evening so may not have as much time as I'd hoped.

Darth Meer

Monday, 20 February 2012

Kill Team Rules Playtest and Hobby Updates

Our playtest of the Kill Team ruleset at Warhammer World yesterday went well. The game was super quick (~30min), and flowed nicely. Could have done with a bit more cover-giving intervening terrain such as barrels, walls, and misc obstacles though - both teams dropped like flies pretty quickly. Although we have very limited choice of board as the bloomin' 40k Throne of Skulls was on!

Busy Warhammer World
There were a few questions about force selection (esp in the Chaos Marines codex) that will have to be in a mini FAQ. Something I'll just add to as we encounter issues. We also came up with a few new rules, in addition to the one we already created - see earlier posts, to make the game faster and more akin to a skirmish ruleset.

Instead of using the normal rules for running, use the following rules in a game of Kill Team: Every model may Run in the Movement phase, this adds 6" on to a models maximum movement (so an Infantry models can move 12" instead of 6"). If a model Runs, they may not shoot or assault that turn. They may still assault if they have the Fleet special rule.

A model in Kill Team may climb walls and jump gaps up to 6" high/wide during their movement phase. To do this they must move up to the wall or gap and still have enough movement left to be able to climb or jump the distance required. The model must pass an Initiative test. If they pass, they climb or jump successfully and may continue moving if they have any movement left. If they fail when climbing up, the model simply stays at the bottom of the wall. If they fail when climbing down or jumping a gap, they fall: The model falls from the point they started to climb/fall and takes an automatic hit equal to the distance they fell in inches.

Any model must take a Leadership test if any friendly model is killed within 3”. If failed, the model is immediately subject to the ‘going to ground’ rule.

Area of Effect:
There are items that are carried by one model that affect the whole unit to which they are attached. As every model counts as a single unit in Kill Team the item would be of limited use. In games of Kill Team these items will instead have an Area of Effect. Any friendly model within 6” of a model carrying one of these items gains the benefits from the item.

Also had a nice relaxing 1500 point game. We used two of our less used armies and was good to see them on the table again. It's also nice to be able to outnumber an opponent for once!:

Cadian 501st vs Emperors Children (Red Rhinos = Chimeras...)

Progress is slow on highlighting my Stormraven for the 40k doubles tournament this coming weekend, see below for what I've done so far (sorry for crappy phone pic, will do a proper photo when its finished). Just the Stormraven, a Razorback, and a 5-man squad to highlight in 4 days... Might be able to do it!

Stormraven WIP

Darth Meer

Monday, 13 February 2012

A Declaration of Intent Plus Some Gaming Progress

Right... first off, apologies for lack of posts last month. Hobby dried up for a few months due to post Christmas lul and a small game called Skyrim. A few of you may have heard of it... I hear-by declare to post on a more frequent bases, and not let a video game eat up my hobby time. Until Mass Effect 3.

Warhammer Fantasy:
Now that's out the way, onto the hobby. I played the first game of my new Warhammer Fantasy campaign last week. We're using rules from Blood in the Badlands, tweaked a little to match our Campaign Fluff. Speaking of which, we use a Facebook group to organise games and post fluff documents and stuff - if you want a copy of our background and rules let me know.

Now the game... Lizardmen vs Skaven. I know it's not an excuse but I was pretty tired and ratty during the game, so that might have helped my opponent CRUSH me. Even after the first turn I could see the game sliding away from me, even after the Skaven were forced to deploy counter-productively due to the scenario. Maybe Skaven just like eating Lizardmen for breakfast!

I did learn a few things from that game and changed my next list up a little bit. Unfortunately we had to build our 3 characters (to lead 3 armies) at the start of the campaign, and have specific army build requirements so pretty limited by my choices. This is what I came up with:

Warhost of Zlatlan - 2000 points

  • Lord Kame-hameha, Slann Mage Priest - Level 4, Lore of Light, The Focussed Rumination, Cupped Hands of the Old Ones
  • Saurus Scar-veteran - BSB, GW, LA, Luckstone
  • Saurus Warriors (35) - Full Command, Spears
  • Saurus Warriors (20) - Full Command
  • Skinks (10)
  • Skinks (10)
  • Temple Guard (20) - Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame
  • Stegadon
  • Salamander x2

I basically swapped out my chameleon skinks and block of skink/krox for another saurus unit, another sally, and some cheap skink redirectors. I'll report back on how it fares next Wednesday (maybe take photos). Spent a few hours of last weekend painting some Temple Guard so should have some photos of them too soon.

Warhammer 40,000:
Preparing for the 40k Doubles tournament and 40kUKGT. I'm basically taking Mon-Wed off next week to get some painting done ready for these two tournaments, so will definately have photos for you next week. Lists wise, I'm partnering up with Tom Rogers at the doubles with the following list:

Blood Angels - 875 points

  • Librarian - Termy Armour w/ Storm Shield, Unleash Rage, Fear of the Darkness
  • Terminator Assault Squad (5) - Thunder Hammer & Storm Shields
  • Assault Squad (5) - Razorback w/ TL Lascannon
  • Baal Predator - Flamestorm Cannon, Heavy Flamers, Dozer Blade
  • Stormraven - TL Lascannon, TL Multi-melta

Imperial Guard - 875 points

  • Command Squad - Meltabomb, 2x Meltagun, Autocannon, Chimera
  • Veteran Squad - 3x Meltagun, Lascannon, Chimera
  • Veteran Squad - 3x Meltagun, Autocannon, Chimera
  • Vendetta
  • Leman Russ Battle Tank - Plasma Cannons
  • Hydra

We came a lowly 99th last year, so hoping this brutal list will allow us to crawl a bit higher in the rankings!

If you've read this far, I congratulate you! I promise there will be more photos in the next post. And hopefully a new poster as well! Until next time folks,

Darth Meer