Tuesday, 29 May 2012

First Steps Into Weathering Powders

My 3000 point Blood Angels collection is nearing full-on completion, with almost everything fully painted. There is, however, one thing that I have been putting off for a few years now. Weathering. For some reason I've always been scared of dirtying up the minis I've lovingly spent hours painting. I took a baby step a few months ago with the 'chip' effect I've been applying, but now its time for the big leap: weathering powders. I'll be using Forge World Light Earth in this article.

So, I read a number of tutorials, checked out articles on sites like FTW, and settled on testing two methods. First rubbing alcohol, and second spray varnish. I was very dubious with the spray varnish methods as have been burned (well, ghosted) in the past. Lets make this quick and say the rubbing alcohol didn't turn out well... It was probably my fault: two higher purity of alcohol or too much sloshed on to the model, I don't know to be honest. It basically melted the paint off.

So I moved on to spray varnish, simple GW Purity Seal. Here is my original test piece:

Spray Varnish Test
As you can see some of the weathering powder blew off but most of it stuck. I was VERY happy that there was no ghosting present, although I did take extra care only blasting it with the short bursts at long range. The powder stuck well and good. A success! Now for the leap...

I wanted to go for a 'dust' like effect rather than caked on mud, so applied the powder fairly lightly to the model. Above you can see what the powder looked like straight after I applied it. And now for the spray varnish:

First Pass
Hmm, most of the powder blew off. Doesn't look bad though. I wonder what it would look like if I went over the model with some more powder? This time I proper caked it on. And here's the results:

Second Pass
Much better! Still not exactly the 'dusty' appearance I wanted, but good enough and WAY better than my previous attempts at painting it on (the reason I was worried about weathering in the first place). I also noted the powder tends to look a lot better in crevices rather than flat surfaces like rhino hulls (not as much blows away). Here is a blurry pic of the treads, which look a lot more weathered:

All in all, a fairly successful adventure into the world of weathering powders. Now I need to grab some Black Soot to do those exhausts....

Darth Meer

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Lizardmen Progress: Skinks and Campaign Markers Painted

More Lizardmen progress today! 20 Skinks have now been painted. As 5 point models, they sure are a lot of work to paint. These two units of 10 will be used as cheap redirectors, and to surprise the enemy with quick-to-fire Javelins when they leave solo-wizards and war machines unprotected :-D.

20 Purple Lizardmen Skinks
First unit of Skinks
Second unit of Skinks
Skink backs
The shields were painted with the new GW paint Evil Sunz Scarlet, which I have to say is pretty damn close to Blood Red. Although it actually covers a little too well over white, I liked the slightly translucent effect of Blood Red, and the new red turns out a bit darker overall.

I also finally painted up my army markers for our Blood in the Badlands campaign. We're just entering the Summer season now, but better late than never I suppose! Will still get plenty of use out of them, and beats using skinks as place-holders. The markers are simply banner tops stuck into a greenstuff 'hill'. The names on the markers are the names of my army generals - anyone guess where these suitably Lizardmen sounding names come from?

Lizardmen Campaign Markers
On the 40k front, my Baal Predators have been highlighted! Just a quick phone photo for now, as I'm experimenting with weathering powders and am waiting for the sun to come out in sunny Nottingham so I can spray varnish. I've tried rubbing alcohol but it REALLY didn't end well... Expect a post on my adventures in weathering powders when the sun does eventually appear, and the wind dies down to lower than hurricane-esque speeds.

Blood Angels Baal Predators

Darth Meer

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lizardmen Progress: Temple Guard and Saurus Painted

Quick painting progress update for my purple Lizardmen today, along with some quick phone photos. Finished the first 10 of both my Temple Guard and Saurus units. I'm painting in multiples of 10 because I tend to get depressed when I see a unit of 40 saurus sitting on my desk ready to paint... Also, as with all my warhammer fantasy, no highlights on these bad boys! I just don't see the point when you have hundreds of models in an army... its all going to get lost in the sea of models anyway.

Lizardmen Temple Guard
Temple Guard are awesomely detailed models, although slightly annoying when you've spend ages painting the backs of shields when you can't actually see them! Took a bit more time with these than I would my core saurus troops, owing to their badass status. The colours on the saurus-type models work really well, I was a bit worried my skinks colour scheme wouldn't carry over well.

Lizardmen Saurus Warriors

Weirdly most of the detail is actually on the back of these models - and yes I am insane for painting each scale separately.

Lizardmen Temple Guard Rear

Lizardmen Saurus Warriors Rear
Darth Meer

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Minotaurs Colour Scheme Part 2 (Plus Weathering)

Grabbed a pot of Sycorax Bronze this week and tried a different scheme for my minotaurs. The model on the left is the previous scheme with Hashut Copper, the model on the right is the latest scheme with Sycorax Bronze:

What do people think? Which one looks better? Its simply Screaming Bell over a black undercoat, followed by a couple of thin layers of Sycorax Bronze and a Reikland Fleshshade wash. Also had a go at highlighting it with Mithril Silver (haven't got the new version yet):

Im not sure about this. Highlighted it very quick with a big brush - which may have something to do with the starkness of the highlight, but I think Mithril Silver is a bit to much of a contrast. I would rather have an 'out-of-pot' highlight colour though, as I need the army to be consistent throughout. Hmm... any ideas what colour I should use to highlight? Maybe a gold rather than silver?

I want my new Minotaurs to look rugged and worn rather than spangly and fresh (like my BA). Especially being so shiny in the first place. So I had a go at the weathering/chip effect that was in last month White Dwarf Space Wolves painting section. I used Mithril Silver again to begin with, then Scorched Brown (the old version of Rhinox Hide that was in the tutorial):

Turned out OK, but I think the chips need to be thinner! Very rugged though. I also bought some FW weathering powder and some isopropyl to try some weathering on my BA tanks.... so expect a post on that soon!

Darth Meer