Thursday, 23 August 2012

KR Multicase Kaiser2 Case and Bag Review

I received my Kaiser2 bag from KR Multicase this week and wanted to post a very quick review. Before I delve into the product itself, I just want to say I ordered it on Monday and received the bag on Wednesday. That is lightning quick for free delivery!

The Bag
The bag itself is made of sturdy stuff, I own a KR Lite (for my Stormraven) and was expecting the same kind of material, but was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be kind of a tough canvas-like, bullet proof vest esque material supported by hard plastic inserts. I can see it standing up to some punishing use. There is a crap-tonne of pockets as well, as you can see, ideal for holding all your gaming paraphernalia.

As you can also see from the photo above the case is a lot more 'squat' than the GW case meaning a lot more transportable in my opinion. In fact it is the perfect size to sit on a passenger seat in your car (tested!). It also feels infinitely more well made and secure than the GW plastic cases - I've never had faith in the plastic 'clips' on the GW cases after a bad experience I had with them (it involved metal models taking a close encounter with Warhammer World's car park...).

The Cases
The reason I ordered a Kaiser bag in the first place is to have somewhere to store my Lizardmen, which has ended up overflowing the capacity of a large GW case! It took a while, and a message on the KR Facebook wall to decide what foam to get, but I eventually chose a case worth of infantry foam (three larger size for the saurus, and a single skink sized foam) and a case worth of pick and pluck (two different sizes: one for 50mm chariot bases, and one designed for 40mm krox/slann/terradons).

The foam itself is great and very soft, ideal for spiky lizards that don't fit! I was torn between getting card cases and an aluminium case, but I'm glad I chose card as it really does seem to protect the foam well and holds it all in place snugly. Because the saurus models are so fat, they actually stick quite a far bit out of the foam. The squidgy foam does a good job of cushioning them though, and compresses very well to fit them all in the case.

The pick and pluck is a bit difficult to remove and I had to get a knife in the end as I was afraid of ripping through the support bits of foam. Having said that, it is a lot better than the GW vehicle foam that just falls apart. As you can see from the photo the stegadons are a little too wide for the 50mm 'lanes' of pick and pluck but still fit due to the soft foam.

The card cases themselves seem rugged enough, but only time will tell if they can withstand as much as I hope. Card isn't usually the most lasting material in my experience, but I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised. They don't seem to be easily torn, and the bag should keep them nice a dry.

Overall I'm very impressed with the build quality and design of the bag, a lot of thought has gone into making it really sturdy and secure. It's amazing how much stuff you can fit in the cases with a bit of planning - compared to my GW case. I have managed to fit in all my lizard models, plus plenty of room for expansion... and expansion there will be!

Darth Meer

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Minotaurs Ivanus Enkomi Painted and Kill Team Campaign Rules

Its taken me a while to paint this bad boy as I've had to wait until I acquired all the new paints I needed. Even then I've still used the old black and greens. Not too happy with the blending on the cloak still, but at least it's finished!

Minotaurs Ivanus Enkomi

I don't think I'll be using the actual Ivanus Enkomi rules from Forge World (even though they are awesome) as I attend a few tournaments, but he will suffice as a Chaplain with Power Fist. Although I have no idea who to put him with in my army, usually I would put a Chaplain in with the terminator squad to add Fearless and extra punch. But in my 1500 list they deep strike... Seems a bit of a waste to put him with a Tactical Squad!

That will be last Minotaurs painting post for a while, as I'm going to go back to my Lizards for a month or so, and also because of the leaked product sheet for 2013... wow so much cool Space Marine stuff is in the works and a new Tactical Squad box! It may take serious willpower but I'm going to try and hold off buying any new stuff until the new Marine Codex comes out.

Kill Team Campaign Rules
They're done and you can find them on the Kill Team page. The rules are based off the Mordheim rules with a crap load of tweaks and additions. There are only a few Legendary Heroes available at the moment, but will be adding more in time.

I'm on a drive to get a load of Kill Team army lists done soon. Next up is Orks, then maybe Eldar as I'm waiting on the Chaos codex to come out before I delve into them.

Darth Meer

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Minotaurs Colour Scheme Part 3 (Plus Scouts Built)

Minotaur Space Marine Colour Scheme
Here's the final paint scheme I'll be using for my Minotaurs. I've gone for a quick-to-paint scheme, rather than display cabinet quality. Created a little step by step guide for people who still want to see the new GW paints in action.

First, I painted two very watered down layers of Screaming Bell (like, 50/50 water to paint) to give the model a solid basecoat for the bronze. Then, a couple of layers of Sycorax Bronze. Again I watered down to create a smooth coverage.

I very lightly drybrushed Golden Griffon to give the model a bit of highlight. To finish the armour, I gave the model a wash of Reikland Fleshshade. This both gives the model some shading, while smoothing down the effect of the drybrushing. I think doing a drybrush then wash really makes the armour more subdued, and allows me to pick out all the other details with line highlighting, making them stand out over the shiny armour.

The chest eagle was based with Celestra Grey, washed with Nuln Oil, and highlighted with Scar White. Skull was Zandri Dust, Agrax Earthshade, Zandri Dust again, Ushabti Bone, and Screaming Skull. Armour joints are Mechanicus Standard Grey and washed with Nuln Oil then highlighted with Grey again. Eye lenses and metal bits were painted in the same manner as the boltgun below.

To stand out from the armour a bit, and to compliment the 'veteran' red pauldrons for sergeants and the like, I decided to paint weapons red - including chainswords and boltguns. For the metal: Base with Leadbelcher, wash with Nuln Oil and Highlight with Runefang Steel. For the red: Base with Mephiston Red, Shade with Carroburg Crimson, then highlight with Evil Sunz Scarlet.

Sand glued with PVA, washed with Nuln Oil, heavy drybrush of Mechanicus Standard Grey followed by a light drybrush of Celestra Grey. Paint the rim black. For the snow I used the GW stuff on top of PVA - needed at least three layers, leaving a bit of the previous layer shower for a 'melting' effect.

The Forge World transfers are awesome, so I picked up a sheet for my Minotaurs. Prepared the area with a couple of coats of 'Ardcoat first to aid in decal placement. Once the transfer is on and completely dry, I gave it another coat of 'Ardcoat to seal and a couple of coats of Lahmian Medium to matte. I was thinking of using some sort of decal softener (like micro sol), but wanted to try it without first.

And we're finished! Fairly quick and painless:

Minotaur Scouts
I picked up a pack of sniper scouts for my Minotaurs too this week, converted up the sergeant as well. I'm going to give all my sergeants mk4/5 armour so didn't want to leave him out! Just because he has scout armour doesn't mean he can't have 'armour lips'. Not too good with green stuff but looks ok. Also positioned and green stuffed another one of the scouts so he wasnt in a boring 'forward facing' pose. You can't really see it in the photos, but I've green stuffed a lip around his bracers too. Hopefully it will look decent when smoothed and painted.

Kill Team
For those of you who are interested, I've updated the main rules to v1.1b - just a few tweaks, including some rules to allow for Campaigns. Of which I am almost finished writing rules for now, so check back soon for them (should be done next week). Also added rules for Necrons and Blood Angels teams.

Darth Meer