Sunday, 23 December 2012

Blood Angels Army Background Document

Bit of a random one today. I thought I'd share a little background document I've been working on today for my Blood Angels army. I've added the screenshots below, but you can download the PDF here (its only 6 pages). I'm planning to spend time on each of my armies background over the Chrimbo period as I doubt I'll have much chance to paint (we're here, there and everywhere next week). I think putting together a document like this really brings you closer to your models, and the background of the 40k setting. It also makes a neat 'leaflet' to give to your opponent before a game.


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Norse Blood Bowl Team Converted and Painted

I love Blood Bowl, but haven't played for many years (since Uni). So when I got the chance to pick it up again, I jumped at an opportunity to re-create my original Norse team. Only this time I thought I'd convert up some Marauders instead of using the horrible old GW models. The Ulfwereners are from heresy minis.

Norse Blood Bowl Team
As you can see the Warhammer Marauder models work really well, and extremely simple to convert! The painting, however, is what I like to call 'slap dash' - it isn't my best. I basically needed to get these ready for this weekend, so used the tried and tested base-shade-layer technique. I may go back and highlight them eventually (may...). Here's a close look at the shoddy paintmenship:

Norse Blood Bowl Team Close-up
Wish the team all the luck in the Warhammer World, as from what I remember, they tended to die a lot... I may be purchasing an apothecary first chance I get.

Darth Meer

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Kill Team Rules v1.5 Update and The Raid Mission

I'm afraid its another Kill Team update post, not much painting going on lately (very busy time of year for me). Anyway, update v1.5 is out for the core Kill Team rules. In this one we have focussed on emphasising 'cinematic' terrain, adjusting some of our existing rules to match this, and changing some of the more 'abstract' rules of 40k to be more 'real'. There is now a sixth mission (missed from the last update), and a general tidying up of rules (especially grenades, and the other missions).

Get the new Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team rules here.

Also in v1.5 are optional rules for Injury. Now we originally didn't want to add these, but we've had demand for it from a few people now. It is important to note that these are additional rules, and are NOT the 'official' Kill Team rules. Our game will not be balanced to take into account these optional rules. The rules are basically taken from Mordheim, with a few tweaks to make them work in 40k. They haven't really been play-tested, so if you're brave enough to try them, any feedback would be invaluable.

You can now download the first 'mission' document, called The Raid. Its basically an attacker/defender mission using sentries - hearkening back to the old Kill Team rules from white dwarf! It even includes mission wargear such as wirecutters, grapnels, las-traps (laser beams), etc.

On the KT lists front, I'm still working on the Tau list ready to be play-tested by the group. But I have been through the current lists and added tweaks, new wargear, etc. So it's worth seeing if your list has been updated.

Finally, my group and I love to hear of peoples Kill Team campaigns and battle reports, so if any of you have any photos or reports you want to share, email me at I also want to share a battle report I received this week from KaC, found here.

Next post will be pretty models, I promise.

Darth Meer