Sunday, 20 January 2013

Storm Reavers Chaos Helbrute Painted

Storm Reavers Chaos Helbrute
Meet Varea Metalla, the newest painted member of the Storm Reavers warband (see here for the army background). I've only been taking him in bigger games lately as he tends to die quickly unless the opponent has other threats to focus on, but I wanted to paint him up as I love the Dark Vegeance model - so much detail!

Paint wise, I wanted to go for quite a 'choppy' look when highlighting so the metal looks as though its chipped and scratched. The flesh red is simply Mephiston base, Carroburg Crimson shade, layer on the Mephiston, then an organic highlight of Evil Sunz.

Chaos Helbrute - Close Up
"Varea Metalla was once Brother Nisus, a well-respected veteran of the Storm Reavers Chapter. Nisus met his fate during the Vardia campaign against Chaos and was entombed in a mighty dreadnought. However, it was on his d├ębut battle in his metal sarcophagi that the Storm Hawks were overrun by daemons and fled into the warp with Chapter Master Falco. Nisus battled his way through the daemon hordes and followed his brothers into the warp rift. But when he re-appeared in material space, like his Storm Hawks brethren, Nisus was not the same being. Twisted by the warp and driven mad, Nisus became Varea Metalla, his metal body chained until his crazed fury can be unleashed on the eve of battle once more."

Darth Meer

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

40k Kill Team Rules v1.6 Update - New look, DA team list

The next update to Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team is here, and with a shiny new look. This look isn't restricted to the main rules either, I'll be rolling it out to all the team lists soon. For now, you can check out the new Dark Angels team lists to get a feel for it. The DA team lists also features a new format of unit entry that I'm trying out. More tabulated (and harder to edit) but should be easier to read!

Rules wise, v1.6 is mostly tweaks with the only 'new' rule being for psychic powers (they actually work now...). Take a quick read through though, as the whole document has had a going over with rules tweaked, missions adjusted slightly and you can now Deep Strike (only if you teleport though - yey for deathwing!).

If you have any comments or ideas for Kill Team, please visit our Facebook group!

I was hoping to get my Helbrute finished for today (for some non KT content), but alas he's taking longer than expected. Damn all that trim! I've not been totally idle this last few weeks however, and have finished 10 more saurus! A mighty achievement in my books. Only 30 more to go for that unit of 50...

Darth Meer