Tuesday, 3 June 2014

HoR Kill Team for 7th Edition Update

It's been a busy week since 7th edition Warhammer 40k, but with some help from the HoR Kill Team community we've finally managed to release our update.

You can find all the HoR Kill Team documents here.

Instead of simply fitting the existing rules to 7th edition we stepped back and took a major look at our current rules (then v2.1). It's obvious that the current missions weren't working as well as they should, so they've been totally redesigned. Doing away with VPs altogether, the missions have been cleaned up and brought in to line with the 40k standard way of showcasing missions (with a few HoR Kill Team tweaks of course).

The Psychic phase was an issue for a while, but in playtesting we found the simplest way of limiting powers was to basically half the number of warp charge available. Most teams will only have a single psyker with a single power anyway, so it seemed fitting. HoR Kill Team is not about psyker domination, it's about a strike team. Psyker's can still play a part, but not take over.

HoR Kill Team v3.0 changes include:

  • Clearer format.
  • General tidy up.
  • The Rout Test replaces the Run Away! rules.
  • Team Leaders no longer get Precision Shot.
  • References to area terrain removed.
  • Jumping/climbing now includes consolidation and run moves.
  • Hiding spot distance has increased to 12".
  • Squads may now hide.
  • Entire Psyhic Phase section.
  • Added LoS clarification.
  • Gets Hot rules clarified.
  • Flamer rules clarified and no longer causes movement penalties. Models that start their turn in b2b can now catch fire too.
  • Assault result rules now have additional modifiers, including 'banners' (those back banners on sergeants matter now!)
  • Squad rules tidied up and clarified including rules on Overwatch and Pinning.
  • Added note to optional Injury rules to clarify that models are not casualties if they are knocked down or stunned.
  • Entire Mission section has been re-written, with 6 (almost) new missions.

Also updated are the Space Marine, Black Templars (an expansion list), and Grey Knights team lists. Not much has changed in the Space Marine team list as it was mostly a test for the new v3 formatting, but the Grey Knights one has some major differences - so take a look!

More Kill Team 7th edition updates to come!