Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Legacy...and the file to go with it

Just added a new page, and this will contain all the Legacy files that were updated at the end of 6th/start of 7th edition.  When we update the main rules, I will transfer over those as well.

Happy hunting out there!


  1. Hey, just to let you guys know, the blood angel's codex link for the main rules dropbox is down.

    And these look awesome so thanks for doing this!

  2. Did you read the news about kill team in GW? You know something?

  3. Hey, now the new Deathwatch Codex is out will there be some changes to that faction here.

  4. I have always been wanting to field a Adeptus Arbite Army but could not afford a full WH40k army so Kill team it shell be. I see in the Adeptus Arbites list that they do not have a Riot Wagon? why is that? I would have thought one would be a must...