Friday, 11 November 2016

Long time, no post!  The army lists are still being looked over, developed, and some new ones added...The Hrud!!!  Skaven in Space...look forward to seeing what they come up with.  But the reason for this post is coming up next.........

Check it out!  Miniwargamins just did a huuuuge HoR Kill Team Campaign.  Awesome videos, awesome rules, and just enjoyable to watch.


  1. Tasty scenery too.Hopefully they'll continue to add to the videos.

  2. I was having a look at your feral orks list I can't help but feeling that it needs work, all the units are taken directly from Age of sigmar and that is not what feral orks should be.

    Here is a PDF with the original chapter approved Feral Orks:

    It would be better if you used this as a basis for your feral orks.

  3. Sort of an unrelated question, but why was the Astra Militarum supplement trashed and are there plans to replace it?

  4. Nice interview.
    For the future i would like to see more Q&A style questions. Very interested in other peoples insprirations, tipps, techniques, plans, etc.

    Keep these up!

  5. That was a nice read!
    Although you missed one thing about Marcos approach to his creations, be it models or scenery, which i have always admired. While i tend to overplan my projects, carrying them with me for month before spilling the first drop of glue, Marco has the ability to just start right off with an idea, and as you can see, always improvises around problems and comes around with super-cool results and fun ideas while he never fears changing something if it doesn`t work out!
    Best gaming-host i know by the way...