Kill Team Rules

Kill Team is a fan-made unofficial expansion to Warhammer 40,000 that allows you to fight more intimate, more narrative driven games of Warhammer 40,000. Instead of fighting across vast battlefields controlling armies of hundreds of troops, you take control of a small task force with a handful of men.

You can find the latest version of the Kill Team rules and its supplemental materials below:

Kill Team Rules v3.1 23/06/14 DropBox
Kill Team Rules (Spanish Version) v3.1 24/05/16 DropBox
Kill Team Campaign Rules v3.0a 30/06/14 DropBox
Transport Vehicle Rules v2.1 11/09/14 DropBox
Kill Team FAQ March 2014 11/03/14 DropBox
Printable Counters DropBox

Roster Sheets:
Team Roster PDF DropBox
Team Roster DOCX DropBox
Campaign Force Roster PDF DropBox
Campaign Force Roster DOCX DropBox


Below are the team lists that are currently in development, for use in the Kill Team game. To use them, follow the 'Building Your Team' rules found in the core Kill Team rules document:

Adepta Sororitas v3.3 23/05/16 DropBox
Adeptus Arbites v1.1 25/10/13 DropBox
Adeptus Mechanicus v3.1a 07/06/15 DropBox
Astra Militarum v7.0.2 23/05/16 DropBox
Black Templars v7.0.2 23/05/16 DropBox
Blood Angels v7.0.1 23/05/16 DropBox
Chaos Daemons v7.0.3 23/05/16 DropBox
Chaos Space Marines v7.0.5 23/05/16 DropBox
Corsairs v1.2 27/05/16 DropBox
Dark Angels v7.1.3 23/05/16 DropBox
Dark Eldar v7.1.2 23/05/16 DropBox
Deathwatch v7.0.1 23/05/16 DropBox
Eldar v7.3 23/05/16 DropBox
Genestealer Cults v7.1.6 23/05/16 DropBox
Grey Knights v7.0.1 23/05/16 DropBox
Grot Rebels v7.0.2 23/05/16 DropBox
Harlequins v7.0 23/05/16 DropBox
Inquisition v7.0 23/05/16 DropBox
Kroot Mercenaries v7.0.4 23/05/16 DropBox
Last Chancers v1.4 27/05/16 DropBox
Legiones Astartes v0 00/00/00 DropBox
Mechanicum v0 00/00/00 DropBox
Necrons v7.0.1 23/05/16 DropBox
Officio Assassinorum v7.0.3 23/05/16 DropBox
Ogryns v0.9 27/05/16 DropBox
Orks v3.0 30/06/14 DropBox
Renegades & Heretics v3.0 27/05/16 DropBox
Rogue Traders v7.0 23/05/16 DropBox
Solar Auxilia v0 00/00/00 DropBox
Space Marines v7.0.3 23/05/16 DropBox
Space Wolves v7.0 23/05/16 DropBox
Squats v0.9 27/05/16 DropBox
Tau Empire v7.0 23/05/16 DropBox
Tyranids v7.0 23/05/16 DropBox


Here are a few alternative missions that we've created for you to enjoy with the Kill Team rules:


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This is not a Games Workshop product and is intended as a non-profit fan-made unofficial expansion on the official rules. You will require all rulebooks and your army’s codex to use this material. We do not own any of the artwork or rules that appear in any Kill Team related documents. All rights and trademarks to all respective owners are reserved.