Thursday, 21 July 2011

I'm baaaack!!!!!!

Right, hobby is back on form so I'm restarting this blog! I was going to make this an epic post with tonnes of photos of painted models I have done since the last post. But I thought it would be pointless to look to the past, and concentrate what im doing now. Few projects that im working on:

  • Mordheim! Yes i have brushed out my old Witch Hunters warband and am starting to paint it for a campaign that starts this Friday. Will post some photos of the warband later.
  • Lizardmen! Still going strong, lots of list changes, and i have a Carnosaur - which is a beast, but was a sod to put together. Failcast indeed.
  • Blood Angels! Almost finished 3k worth of models, just highlights to do.
  • Misc! Still got my BFG ships to finish, plus many other random models on my desk that need painting.
- Meer

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