Monday, 10 September 2012

Blood Angels Vindicator and Land Speeder Painted

Blood Angels Vindicator and Land Speeder
Another couple of vehicles done! A good session this coming weekend and we'll have a fully painted army. Just in time for the Chaos codex to come out and me to start another one!

Here's a closer look at the Siege Shield:

Also, a quick question for readers. I found this in the new FAQ:

Page 22 ¬ Charge Move, Charging Through Difficult Terrain. Change the first sentence to read “If, when charging, one or more models have to move through difficult terrain in order to reach the enemy by the shortest possible route, the unit must make a Difficult Terrain test (see page 90).”

Er, why?... This is quite a big rule change. Why did the FAQ dramatically change the way charging into cover works? I thought 3d6 drop the highest was fair, 2d6 pick the highest just downright nerfed assault armies! Any ideas?

Darth Meer


  1. 2D6 assaulting into cover is a massive nerf. I am still puzzled by it.

    1. Don't worry, I have been corrected by reputable sources that it doesn't actually affect the rule itself, just the wording of the previous sentence. Apparently it says something like "... the unit must make a Difficult Terrain test (see page 90). However, to represent the uneven pace of a charge, the unit rolls 3D6, rather than 2D6, and uses the two lowest results as its charge range."