Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Blog's Back Baby

That's right, it's back! The blog has been on hiatus for quite a few months as I sort my new house out, plan for weddings etc (I'm sure it wasn't missed too much) but I'm going to be hitting the painting table again with renewed enthusiasm.

Blog Changes
"There's going to be a few changes around here." The original plan was to get guest bloggers to write some articles but that idea seemed to die (although if any readers want to submit one, or even start a regular feature, email me here). So, as my painting isn't as prolific as it used to be I'm going to expand the blog's focus a little. Not only will I share my painting and gaming progress as normal, I may be doing reviews of non-GW gaming and even some graphic novel articles (well... one, maybe). We're finally getting a dining table soon so hopefully I'll be playing more board and card games - if you have any suggestions of games my mates and I should play let me know in the comments!

Kill Team
The Kill Team ruleset is still going strong, and you can check out the growing community on Facebook. At the time of writing the group has over 150 members! The group is a great place to share photos of your team and gaming boards, as well as work out any rule contentions you may have. Campaigns v2 has just been uploaded, adding more in-depth rules for Walkers as well as a new optional 'HQ' mechanic for those who want to take their campaigns further (think base upgrades in the original Dawn of War).

Mutagenesis Skirmish Game
The 2nd edition of my home-grown game Mutagenesis is nearing completion. You can find the alpha version here. It's a lot different to the original book, and now has a 'you-go-I-go' system like chess which has allowed me to add in things like interrupt actions and just gives a whole new tactical depth to the game. The book is still in heavy alpha and needs a full proof-read and more playtesting before it goes beta but if you have any comments or ideas please contact me (either on the KT facebook page or email below).

Plans for the Future
In the coming months you'll hopefully see progress on my Lizardmen army, as well as bits a bobs from my on-going Storm Reavers (chaos). We've also started playing Battlefleet Gothic again so you'll probably see me finally paint some ships! I'm also putting together a guide on how to start reading Marvel graphic novels so we'll have our first non-gaming post soon. Also look out for more 'xenos' related posts on the horizon... maybe with a Tauish feel.

Again, if anyone wants to post an article or start a regular progress report email me here! It may take me a while to reply to your email as I don't check this one very often.

Until next time,
Darth Meer

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  1. I'm really glad to see kill-team is still getting updated. You guys have really made something special, and I'm getting bit by the 40k bug once again. Keep it up guys!