Sunday, 6 October 2013

The X-Wing Collection Expands (plus a little Rebel tactics)

For those who have read my review on the X-Wing miniatures game you know I think it's pretty awesome. So It's no surprise I've been increasing my collection of ships since then, as well as improving my space board:

X-Wing Space Board

The new space board is a simple canvas frame with the stars/nebulae painted on. Easy peasy! We even have two to play bigger games (as well as BFG):

Playing Battlefleet Gothic on 2 boards

My absolute favourite thing to use ever has to be this beauty though:

X-Wing Millennium Falcon

It's such an awesome model, and the paint job is top notch for a pre-paint. Many, many compliments to Fantasy Flight! The Millennium Falcon is also a beast in game, my two favourite ways to outfit this ship are:

Chewbacca - Draw Their Fire, Shield Upgrade, Millennium Falcon = 48 pts
or simply
Han Solo - Gunner = 51 pts

Chewbacca is by far the toughest nut to crack in the game, with his special ability of simply ignoring all crits your opponent has to get through every. single. one. of those 5(6) shields and 8 hull with no loss of firepower during that time. The Draw Their Fire card makes Chewie the perfect tank, taking critical hits from your more vulnerable ships (Y-wings and B-wings with their 1 agility spring to mind) and the 360 turret on the Falcon means Chewie can manoeuvre close to friendly ships without worrying about his own firing arc. Shield Upgrade increases your Shields by 1, its pretty expensive at 4 points but it just ups his survivability even more, The Falcon title is also a must as you'll be wanting to spam those Evades with all that firepower coming your way!

If you want your Falcon to be more of a beatstick you can always grab Han Solo as HAN ALWAYS SHOOTS FIRST. Well that's not strictly true (Imperials getting Initiative and all that) but you get the idea. I usually just load him up with a Gunner to absolutely make sure he damages something.

Although I've been rambling on about how awesome the Falcon is, I've been trying not to use it in our friendly games (it is pretty EPIC). The current build I'm playing around with is:

My latest X-Wing fleet

Luke Skywalker (X-wing) - Swarm Tactics, R2-F2 = 33 pts
Rookie Pilot (X-wing) = 21 pts
Prototype Pilot (A-wing) - Assault Missiles = 22 pts
Blue Squadron Pilot (B-wing) - Fire Control System = 24 pts

I struggle against a lot of TIE fighter swarms, so I thought 'if you can't beat them, join them'! Rebel ships are expensive, so my fleet is pretty unskilled (most of them are skill 1/2...) to keep the points down but its actually worked pretty well so far. Luke is in the list purely for skill 8 swarm tactics - mainly so I get the A-wings missiles off before it blows up, secondly so I can use the B-wing for pot shots at wounded ships before they can strike. Otherwise Luke's job is to try and stay alive.

As stated before, the A-wing is in there for its assault missiles: assault missiles are great against TIE swarms flying in formation! B-wings are pretty durable with a lot of shields/hull and can pump out plenty of firepower while barrel rolling out the way of firing arcs (the FCS is in there so he can still target lock while rolling).

I've tried some of the list combos on the net and they all end up with tiny fleets. In my experience, the more ships the better! I suppose I should really play Imperials...

Darth Meer

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