Monday, 20 January 2014

HoR Kill Team Update

It's been a while since I posted a Kill Team update on this blog, but don't worry the HoR snotlings and Kill Team community have been fervently tweaking the rules and team lists for your enjoyment.

A Name Change (well, tweak)
What's in a name? Well apparently lots of confusion. People have been getting mixed up between our version of Kill Team and the newly released Kill Team digital rules by GW. I won't go into which is superior (I'll leave that to the loyal members of our Facebook group) but it has become apparent that we need to distinguish ourselves a little. From this point forward we will reference our popular, unofficial ruleset as 'HoR Kill Team'. It's only a little tweak, but may save some confusion.

HoR Kill Team Rules v2.1
Although the sweeping changes to the HoR Kill Team rules have finally been ironed out, the core rules has seen a few tweaks (and a style change) since the last KT update I posted, especially within the mission rules. Most of the team lists have also had a large update in the last few months to bring them up to date, so if you haven't checked them out in a while you can grab the latest version of the rules and team lists here.

The HoR Kill Team Facebook Group
As always, your one-stop-shop for HoR Kill Team news, feedback and questions is the HoR Kill Team Facebook group, which you can visit here. Our numbers have grown to over 500 now so join in the discussion and share some photos of your team!

Here are a few of the photos the community has shared with us during the past year to wet your appetite:

Photo by Jeffrey Rademakers
Photo by Markus Kuttelwascher
Photo by Markus Kuttelwascher
Photo by Joshua Edward Collins
Photo by Jared Swenson
Photo by David Martin
Photo by Maciej Kaminski
Photo by Luigi Accardo
Photo by Damiano Garonzi

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  1. I love the facebook group. I love your ruleset over the GW rules for several reasons. Those are some good pictures too. I especially like the one you chose of mine, that was my favorite shot, at least.