Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Codex Storm Hawks v1.0.2 Finished

Right, v1.0.2 is done! You can download it at the usual link:

Here's the change log:

Codex Storm Hawks v1.02 Update:

Storm Hawks Heraldry

  • Add Tech Novitiate and Assault Marine images.

Forces of the Storm Hawks

  • Lots of white space added for future background text and images.
  • Scions of Mars - If the unit contains a model with the Artificer or Blessing of the Omnissiah special rules, the roll needed to repair is reduced to a 5+.
  • Tech Novitiate - Move entry to the start of the section, rewrite rules for clarification. Tech Novitiates now gain the Artificer special rule.
  • Master Falco - Gains "Master of the Storm Hawks" special rule, unlocking Sentinel squads as Troops. Increaes to 225 points.
  • Storm Hawks Techmarine - NEW UNIT.
  • Storm Hawks Scout Squad - NEW UNIT.
  • Firestorm Assault Transport - Remove firestorm bolters, add two heavy bolters, add Firestorm Ammunition rule.

Storm Hawks Equipment

  • Remove Crozius Mechanicum
  • Personal Teleporter - Clarify transport, reserve, and deep strike rules.

Storm Hawks Army List

  • Add Exceptions and General Unit Upgrades section
  • Remove Tactical Squad, Vanguard Squad, and Sternguard Squad entries.
  • Storm Hawks Captain - Add additional options, calrify restrictions.
  • Storm Hawks Librarian - Add a bit more fluff.
  • Storm Hawks Techmarine - NEW UNIT.
  • Sentinel Squad - Slight options points increase.
  • Storm Hawks Scout Squad - NEW UNIT.
  • Storm Hawks Jetbike Squad - New options for Tech Novitiate.

Let me know what you think about the new Techmarine and Scouts!


  1. Any advice on the creation of a Space Marine based Codex?

    1. Perhaps check out my Blood Angels supplement for ideas? A suppliment doesnt need as much rules design as a full blown codex: