Tuesday, 17 July 2012

WIP Photos and 6th Edtion

Wow I really haven't posted for a long while, been on holiday and been trying to sort other life shit out (damn you life!). Posts have also stopped due to trying to get 6th edition games in (rather than painting). I've been trying to get some models sprayed so I can do a 'Minotaurs Scheme Part 3' post, but weather has not been good in Nottingham (in fact, I would say apocalypse-esque, but that would be over exaggerating). So I thought I'd post up some work-in-progress shots of a few things I've been working on.

I ballsed up the cloak on my Enkomi model to start off with. I thought I would try the new crimson shade from GW as my experience with them has been pretty good so far. Yeh, didn't turn out very well. Turns out they do pool still. I think I've managed to save it though, with some hasty wet blending and highlighting.

Been painting this guy in small steps simply because I don't have all the paints yet - trying to use all new GW paints for my Minotaurs and haven't got round to completing the collection yet. Next, I've been trying out a new sand mix with my Minotaurs now all my Blood Angels have been based. Mixed my regular stuff with some super fine sand and some slate chips. Gave it a whirl on my Stormtalon base:

Painting wise, it's Nuln Oil shade, heavy drybrush of Mechanicus Standard Grey, then a drybrush of Celestra Grey. I've used both 'base' paints to give good coverage over the sand. Finally, been cracking on with finishing off my Blood Angels vehicles. Here's the current parking lot on my desk:

Just need to finish up the highlighting and do some weathering then BA are done!

6th Edition
I'm not going to assign too much blog space to 6th edition, Emperor knows there are a million other bloggers that have already talked about it to death. I just wanted to give my quick impressions.

I've had six small games with the new rules so far, and overall its pretty awesome. Seems to still be fairly swift to play, with an added layer of intuitive complexity. After the first few games we all started to get our heads around the new rules and started to be quick to play again. Love all the new cool little special rules, adds so much more to the game. I'm also liking the fact that most of the special rules are actually in the book, rather than littered in all the different codexes. Feels like its going to become a great unified system once the 6th edition codexes comes out (of which I am informed the first will be very, very soon).

Honestly, I didn't like the way Alessio simplified the ruleset down in 5th. It was too much, games got stale fast. It seems like 6th edition has been designed with an open-ended mindset, I can see many, many narrative expansions coming out for this game - and am looking forward to playing all of them.

Now I just need to convert my Kill Team rules! I can see some awesome skirmish games with a ton of the battlefield debris rules.

Darth Meer

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