Saturday, 16 June 2012

Lizardmen Progress: Chameleon Skinks Painted - Plus Minotaurs

Some more Lizardmen progress today. Spent a little bit more time on these chameleon skinks than the regular skinks as there are only 8 of them at the moment. Wanted to give them a different paint scheme to regular skinks as well - to distinguish them on the battlefield. I wanted to include at least some red, as the rest of the army has red as its spot colour (usually on the shield, or on the mount/beasts). So I decided to try a red 'stripe' of scales:

Lizardmen Chameleon Skinks Front
Lizardmen Chameleon Skinks Back
I thought it worked well :-D. Also had a few pressies for my birthday (always nice to get hobby gifts), in the form of Moloc and Enkomi models from Forge World and a Stormtalon! A nice start to the Minotaurs army. Would have got these sprayed today but the weather in sunny Nottingham has moved towards the.. er... stormy side.

I actually really like the Stormtalon model. I know it has gotten some stick on the internet, but it's really cute in person! Check out this size comparison shot with the Stormraven:

Cat included for reference...
Can't wait to get it painted. Also ordered some Minotaur decals from FW, so expect transfer shenanigans in a future post (new territory for me).

In closing, here's my obligatory 6th edition comment: "It's awesome and cinematic, I can say no more" ;-P. Also, there are a load of crap rumours out there so don't believe everything you hear! Wait a couple of weeks and get the book in your own hands before you make judgements. I'm already planning a day of 1000 point games with multiple armies to test everything when the final rules are out.

Darth Meer

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