Sunday, 12 August 2012

Minotaurs Ivanus Enkomi Painted and Kill Team Campaign Rules

Its taken me a while to paint this bad boy as I've had to wait until I acquired all the new paints I needed. Even then I've still used the old black and greens. Not too happy with the blending on the cloak still, but at least it's finished!

Minotaurs Ivanus Enkomi

I don't think I'll be using the actual Ivanus Enkomi rules from Forge World (even though they are awesome) as I attend a few tournaments, but he will suffice as a Chaplain with Power Fist. Although I have no idea who to put him with in my army, usually I would put a Chaplain in with the terminator squad to add Fearless and extra punch. But in my 1500 list they deep strike... Seems a bit of a waste to put him with a Tactical Squad!

That will be last Minotaurs painting post for a while, as I'm going to go back to my Lizards for a month or so, and also because of the leaked product sheet for 2013... wow so much cool Space Marine stuff is in the works and a new Tactical Squad box! It may take serious willpower but I'm going to try and hold off buying any new stuff until the new Marine Codex comes out.

Kill Team Campaign Rules
They're done and you can find them on the Kill Team page. The rules are based off the Mordheim rules with a crap load of tweaks and additions. There are only a few Legendary Heroes available at the moment, but will be adding more in time.

I'm on a drive to get a load of Kill Team army lists done soon. Next up is Orks, then maybe Eldar as I'm waiting on the Chaos codex to come out before I delve into them.

Darth Meer

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