Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Blood Angels 3000pts Painted Army Photo Dump

Its been a long time coming, but I've finally taken photos of the completed army. Over 3000 points of Blood Angels. This is my first time taking photos with a swanky SLR so quality may be dodgy (probably due to the flash, more probably due to my lack of knowledge), but you get the idea. I'll also include some of my background text for flavour.

Blood Angels 2d Company - Full Shot

"Known as ‘The Blooded’, the Blood Angels 2nd Battle Company is commanded by Captain Donatos Aphael, a veteran of hundreds of years of war. Strike Force Raging Demise represents Armand's command in the Blood Angels reinforcements in the Vardian campaign, their main aim to drive back the Chaos Lord Titus' latest Black Crusade."

"Brother-librarian Armand is Chief Librarians Mephiston's prodigy, studying under the Lord of Death for many centuries. Armand's most famous battle was against a mighty Avatar of Khaine. Almost crippled and his squad defeated, Armand channeled all his psychic might into Velorix - a force axe bestowed to him by Mephiston himself. With one last effort, Armand buried the axe into the Avatar's spine, releasing its tortured soul back into the warp."

"Khayman is a 1st Company Veteran that fought in the 13th Black Crusade, and distinguished himself during the assault on the Imperial Guard stronghold Victory Bay. It was also in this battle that Khayman lost many of his fellow 1st Company, which forever soured his vision of Guardsmen as traitors and weaklings."

"Avicus is a close friend of Captain Aphael, having met during the chapter trials when they were both aspirants, and battled with him for countless years. Although Librarians are usually not assigned to one specific company, Avicus accompanies the 2nd whenever possible."

"Sergeant Tarquin's tactical squad ascended to the rank of honour guard in the 2nd company while serving in the Midas campaign. The severely depleted squad managed to defend Codicier Avicus against a large number of Necron Immortals with their signature plasma weaponry. Avicus has proceeded to request Tarquin's squad as his personal honour guard on numerous occasions."

"Originally from Cretacia, the homeworld of the Flesh Tearer chapter, Sergeant Tanis was sent to Baal as part of a tithe of novitiates to supplement the devastating losses caused by Arkio's army on the planet Sabien. Cretacia is a planet to rival any Death World, and as such Tanis is regarded as brutal, even amongst his fellow Blood Angels."

"Brother Corvinus is a young Sergeant who served with his Assault Squad in the Vardian campaign. He is armed with a thunder hammer, the field generator of which failed during a pivotal battle against traitor guard on Vardia IV. Corvinus received a battlefield commendation for fighting on, destroying enemy tanks though sheer physical strength alone. The thunder hammer, now named Traitors Bane, was later repaired with the blood of the traitor being preserved forever beneath the field."

"Assault Squad Mael suffered heavy losses to the ork Waaagh Gitstompa, after their position was overwhelmed by hordes of greenskins. Still not back to full strength, Sergeant Mael eschews specialist weapons within his squad, and insists his marines carry only a chainsword - the perfect anti-infantry weapon. He has named his relic chainsword The Purgator."

"Killed in battle aboard the Space Hulk Buteo Imperialis, Brother Viktor once had the honour of being part of the Archangels, the 1st Company. Almost destroyed by a Tyranid Broodlord, Viktor managed to detonate a krak grenade within the monsters gullet before he succumbed to his wounds. His mortally wounded body was brought back to Baal and encased in the sarcophagus of a Dreadnought."

- Darth Meer


  1. That is one good looking army! I especially love the dreadnought.

  2. excellent stuff! Well done for getting 3k points done.