Sunday, 28 October 2012

Kill Team Rules v1.3 and Campaigns v1.1

Some big additions to the main Kill Team ruleset in v1.3, including a new 'hiding' mechanic (straight from old school specialist games) and massive changes for the assault phase - including supporting charges/attacks for when you just want to shout "bundle!", as well as notes on quick rolling and a new 'supporting' Overwatch mechanic.

The Campaign rules have had a complete overall with changes to almost everything. Now you can 'group' your Core models to make it easy to manage, as well as different EXP, Injury, and Advance tables for Core models. We found this makes it a lot quicker! We've also updated the 'official codex' document to include rules when using it with campaigns.


Changes in Kill Team Rules v1.3

  • Changed wording for climbing and jumping, added 1" and unit type exceptions.
  • Added 'Hiding' rule to enable hidden models. This is converted from the old Mordheim rule that we though was great.
  • Combined the Run and Fleet rules.
  • Added Grenade rule - all shooting grenades have One Use Only rule.
  • Added charge sub-phase ‘order of operations'
  • Added Supporting Charges
  • Added Diving Charges
  • Added Climbing Charges
  • Added Overwatch
  • Added Quick-rolling
  • Added Supporting Attacks
  • Removed 'outnumbering' from Assault results
  • Amended Squad rule to include rules for hiding and jumping/climbing.
  • Changed Destructible Markers wording.
  • Added Optional Rule – Destructible Terrain


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