Sunday, 18 November 2012

Chaos Lord Painted and Storm Reavers Background

Here's a photo of my newly painted Chaos Lord, complete with my colour scheme for the 'Storm Ravers' traitor chapter.
Chaos Lord Moros, Master of the Storm Reavers

Here's a bit of origin background for my home-brew traitor chapter. They're basically my old Storm Hawks (see my downloads for their codex) gone bad - I thought it would be a nice touch to continue their story:

"Once known as the Storm Hawks, a loyalist space marine chapter, the Storm Reavers began their descent into heresy on the world of Vardia during the close of M41. After a long campaign against the forces of chaos to free the Vardian sector, the entire Storm Hawks chapter met their enemy upon the capital planet itself to finally bring the campaign to a close. Although Captain Aphael of the Blood Angels requested the Storm Hawks to hold until they could be reinforced, Chapter Master Falco was impatient and over-confident and ordered the assault.

What the Storm Hawks did not know however, is that the Chaos insurgents upon Vardia were already in the process of breaching the warp and summoning a vast horde of daemons. Although the Storm Hawks were swift, without the aid of the Blood Angels they were still too late. The warp gate was opened and hell was unleashed upon the system.

Most of the Storm Hawks chapter was destroyed within the first moments of the warp breach, but a handful survived along with Chapter Master Falco deep within the catacombs of the planet. There must have been a chink in the defences of Falco's mind, or it could have been his proximity to the warp breach, but at some point the master of the Storm Hawks was possessed by a mighty daemon known as Moros.

The possessed Chapter Master requested his brothers join him in fleeing through the warp gate, he persuaded many that there was no other way to survive, and that they would take the fight to the enemy. Those that were left were soon overrun by daemons, but those that fled with Moros found themselves corrupted irreversibly by the warp. The Storm Hawks were propelled through the warp until they found themselves in the Eye of Terror, the journey twisting them so much that they held hardly any resemblance to their noble origins.

Lord Moros and his now named 'Storm Reavers' have left the Eye of Terror in search for recruits and commit to a never-ending war in order to gain glory and slake the unquenching thirst of their gods."

Darth Meer

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