Thursday, 22 November 2012

Kill Team Rules v1.4 Update

First of all, yes, plasma EXPLODES! We all thought plasma was a bit overpowered in Kill Team currently (hence, everyone was taking as much as they could), especially with Suppressing Fire. Making Gets Hot weaponry explode gives it a little bit of a drawback. Plus its cool.

Also in this update is the addition of new Difficult Terrain rules, stolen shamelessly from the LotR game. Its a bit more time consuming to work out than the normal 2d6 rules, but we think its a lot more immersive (and makes more sense to be honest). Plus it evens out the impact of our running rules.

The other big change is the Mission rules. I know there was a lot done in v1.3, but v1.4 really shakes them up. Gone are the random secret missions - they just didn't seem to be popular, especially as un-trustworthy people tended to just make up their secret missions... The new system is very tradition, with 5 big missions/scenarios (I couldn't make up a 6th, that will be a future update) that you simply roll a d6 for at the start of the game. The new missions are Skirmish, Relic Hunt, Last Stand, Hostage, and Sabotage.

In other Kill Team news, the Chaos Space Marines and Space Wolves team lists are live, as well as a fillable version of the updated roster sheet (download to fill and save) and the updated Legendary Heroes document for your campaigns - including a very familiar dreadnought!

Get the new Kill Team Rules here!

Darth Meer

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