Thursday, 22 July 2010

Doh! Someone Needs to Assassinate Adam Troke…

The game against Si last night didn’t exactly go to plan… i lost. Of course i could use the excuse that this was my first proper 8th edition game, but then we would be missing out on all the other excuses i could have used, namely:

1. The Mission.
Battle for the Pass is the WORST mission for warriors of chaos, especially against High Elves. It took me 3 turns to even get close to his front lines as he (being the true pansy elf player he is) deployed far within his 24” deployment zone (for those that don't know, Battle for the Pass is played long ways with both players deploying on the short edges of the board). The way we had to deploy also made the chaos force very cramped indeed, making it hard to manoeuvre.

2. The Mysterious Terrain.
Really not sure about the new mysterious terrain rules, its probably a bit too random for my liking. An example: A unit of high elf spearmen overran into a wood, which turned out to be the freaky fungus one which makes them stubborn. They then preceded to get charged by a unit of warriors, a warshrine, and a unit of marauders in the flank. Thanks to being stubborn they held for 2 turns before being wiped out! This held up half of my troops from reaching the elven battle line at all, leaving my other troops unsupported and cost me the game. True i should have probably charged the warriors into them and let them sit there for 3 turns chopping away at the spearmen on their own, but i didn't want them to be tied up – so charging everything in the vicinity seemed a good plan at the time…

Also that bloody Wyrding Well! Si sat his unit of swordmaster on top of it. My hellcannon managed an amazing shot that killed 11 (!), only for him to drink from the well and recover 8! Of course this unit of swordmasters then charged my unsupported warrior unit.

3. No Final Turns.
By the turn turn 4 ended, it was 11pm. I had to get up for work at 6am so really had to call it a night. Unfortunately the final few turns are where chaos makes up its victory points (especially as the distance between the armies was so great).

4. High Elves
I think that says it all… Always strikes first, re-roll all hits, fight in an extra rank, cheap magic items, obscenely powerful elite infantry… Ouch. Some may argue that their army is too expensive, but they cant say much when a unit of knights (230 points) is destroyed by a 100 point bolt thrower in one turn…

5. Bad Rolls
I know its the age old excuse, but i really did have BAD rolls. Every single roll Si made had a 6 in it, I'm pretty sure i didn't see a 6 during my entire game. Sometimes the Dice Gods just aren't on your side.

All in all, not a very good game for chaos. Anyway, rant over. I’m building up a lizardmen army at the moment, so let see if high elves can handle the servants of the old ones! May put up some photos of my stegadon (hopefully finished) this sunday if i get time.



  1. I can't really add to that except to say it's all true and we were forsaken by the dark gods last night!

  2. Sounds like a bunch of hippy excuses to me, matey! You didn't have enough left in a good enough position to do anything useful in the last couple of turns anyway. The noble sacrifice of my Spartan-wannabe Spearmen held up the whole of your centre whilst I crushed the flanks. Better luck with the Lizardmen, eh?! ;)

  3. Sorry about the rant, will try better next time! Will get 2 battalions and a slann next week so will def be up for a smaller game soon!

  4. Yeah that and you getting above average winds of magic every turn and us below average :-P