Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Lazy Painting: How to Paint Power Weapons

Hi everyone, thought i'd give you a quick tutorial on how to paint Power Weapons VERY fast. If your like me, you don't leave home without at least half a dozen in your army.

Step 1: Base-coat with Necron Abyss
Step 2: Paint blade edges with Enchanted Blue, then paint relatively thick lines in a 'lightning' pattern across the blade with the Enchanted Blue also. You can start the pattern at the 'power emitters' to give your lightning a source and work your pattern from that. Don't go to crazy, you want to see the Necron Abyss still.
Step 3: Go over the blade edges with a thin line of Ice Blue, then paint thin lines of Ice Blue over the blade in a similar 'lightning' pattern. Make sure you do not follow the exact same pattern as the previous step, this will give your blade a more 'chaotic' feel, and some depth.
Step 4: Wash the entire blade with Asurmen Blue

This takes no time at all to do, and can be used on other 'Power' based weapons, such as lightning claws or blood talons:

Hope you enjoyed this quick post. More lazy painting tutorial to come!


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