Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Warriors Amass!

Thought I'd get this blog rolling and post a few photos of the army I'll be kicking Si’s arse with tonight (don't worry I'm not going to upload ALL of it, only the shiniest models).
Meet Sorcerer Rashaverak, the Plaguehost. He’s a Level 2 Nurgle dude with the staff of channelling, basically a backup caster if my Level 4 Tzeentch on disc every fails, and he’s not that bad in combat either!

Next is Exalted Hero Asarok, the Condemner. His job is to sit with my unit of knights and hit the flanks of those already in combat with my Warriors. He’s also got a nasty surprise against High Elves with his ASF sword, meaning he gets to hit first! Something i doubt a High Elf player is used to.

And last, but certainly not least, is my converted Chaos Giant. The only reason I'm taking him is because he looks cool, as he’s probably going to drop dead to bolt throwers/spells/archers in the 1st turn.

So there it is. Got the blog off to a good start. I'm working on my Blood Angels and Lizardmen armies at the moment, so expect updates on those! I've invited quite a few other people to post blogs on the site, so you should be hearing from them pretty soon.

- Meer


  1. I had the pleasure of seeing these in person yesterday (although their performance left a lot to be desired (see above!)) and I've never seen (male) evil looking so good! I need to get some of my warriors finished off after seeing those and my beastmen... daemons... empire... and skaven :-/

  2. If only you knew what was going to happen later on, Tom!