Friday, 13 August 2010

Converting Lizardmen Chameleon Skinks

For those who are like me and cringe whenever we hear someone say 'just green-stuff it', total model conversions are difficult. So I was surprised when I found myself wanting to convert some regular skinks into chameleons. This is because the metal models are HORRIBLE, and at £8.50 for 3, my planned twin units of 9 would come to a mammoth £51... plus you only get 3 poses!

So I ventured into this escapade the only way i knew how, the easy route. Simply put, I used a hair-dryer to bend the skinks tail so that it was curly, and green-stuffed the googly eyes by rolling a small ball, placing it over the current skink eyes, and pressing a round file into it (slightly to the front of the ball so it doesn't look too weird). Took me no time at all to convert 18 models!

Here's my attempt anyway:

Simple, but effective.

Watch out for the rest of my 2,000 points lizardmen army of doom soon, going to finish building them this weekend and get the purple on! It would be 3000 points but ive been restricted in my model purchasing until i have finished my Blood Angels, bloody women!

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