Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Mutagenesis Skirmish Rules - Now Available!

Its taken me almost 2 years to write, but is finally available in its complete form... I give you MUTAGENESIS! Lots of hours of writing and playtesting have gone into the creation of these game rules (60 pages of the stuff), but are still not fully tweaked. This is why I have released it to the wider interwebs - download, read, brake the rules for me. Any and all feedback on balancing is always greatly appreciated.

We shall call this 1st edition. Although 1.1 edition may be out sooner than later if i get some good feedback. Im also looking into a rework of the points system, which i'll share once totally done.

So, if you fancy reading my work, click on the image below to download the rulebook - its pretty big (9.12 MB), I would probably right-click and 'Save As' rather than just click the link.

Right Click and 'Save As' to download

Also, here's some models for the ULF faction that i've converted and painted up for playtesting - although i might replace them with the Forge World Elysian's as they look cooler.

Currently working on some vehicle rules, and a new faction - more news on that soon!

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