Wednesday, 5 October 2011

40kUK GT: Blood Angels Strike Force Crimson Death - Background and List

As some of you know, the 40kUK GT 2011 tickets sold out in little under 12 hours... which is pretty amazing. Fortunately I managed to acquire one! Been working on my army list for the tournament, as well as some army background, which you can find by clicking on the image below.
This is also my latest crack at creating an army roster template, if anyone likes it just email me and I'll send you the .xls file. For those who can't be bothered to download:

40kUKGT - 1750pts
  • Librarian - Shield, Rage = 100
  • Honour Guard x5 [115] - PF [25], PG x4 [60], Drop Pod [35] w/ Locator Beacon [10] = 245
  • Sanguinary Priest x2 [100] - PW x2 [30], MB x2 [10] = 140
  • Terminator Assault Squad x5 [200] - TH & SS x5 [25] = 225
  • Assault Squad x9 [172] - TH [30], MG [10], Rhino [15] = 227
  • Assault Squad x9 [172] - PF [25], MG [10], Rhino [15] = 222
  • Assault Squad x5 [100] - Razorback [20] w/ TL Lascannon [35] = 155
  • Baal Predator [115] - Flamestorm Cannon, Heavy Flamers [25], Dozer Blade [5] = 145
  • Baal Predator [115] - TL Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolters [30], Searchlight [1] = 146
  • Dreadnought [105] - TL Lascannon [30], Heavy Flamer [10] = 145
Drop Pod acts as beacon for the Termies (a kamikaze drop into enemy lines and hope it survives long enough for the termies to arrive), everything else acts the same as my 1.5k list, except my dakka Baal has a Searchlight so it can scout first turn and light up stuff for my Lascannons to hit on DoW missions, and my flamer Baal has a handy Dozer Blade for taking out marines in cover on the turn it outflanks :-D.

I should be playtesting the list this weekend, so will let you know how it goes. On the painting side of things, I'm halfway through painting the metallics on the new Assault Squad (should be totally finished next week), and anxiously waiting for an order of Battlefleet Gothic ships from GW direct! Hopefully have them today so I can assemble them during this week after work.

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