Monday, 26 March 2012

Quick 40kUK GT Update

Not a long post this one. Just wanted to say thank you for all the 40kUK guys who ran the GT over the weekend. Was a really fun, well run (if 'casually' run :-P), and definitely enjoyable tournament. I didn't manage to stay for the Saturday evening entertainment as had to drive back to Nottingham (and drop a multitude of friends of on the way), but heard it was eventful!

I had some great games (well, all but one! If you're reading this... damn you Deathwing... :P), against some great opponents and well painted armies. I won't bore you with my final position, as its within the lower-mid table obscurity, but all the games were very close (even the losses, except for Deathwing) and enjoyable. I don't really frequent the tournament scene outside of Warhammer World, so definitely learned a lot from this experience.

So to reiterate, thanks again for all the work the guys did at running the GT this year!

Darth Meer

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