Friday, 6 April 2012

Blood Angels Assault Squad Painted

I love bank holidays, means I can get a few hours solid painting done - something I usually can't do over the weekend. Took a good few hours to get my Assault Squad highlighted, but here they are:

Blood Angels Assault Squad Corvinus
And some fluff:

Brother Corvinus is a young Sergeant who served with his Assault Squad in the Vardian campaign. He is armed with a thunder hammer, the field generator of which failed during a pivotal battle against traitor guard on Vardia IV. Corvinus received a battlefield commendation for fighting on, destroying enemy tanks though sheer physical strength alone. The thunder hammer, now named Traitors Bane, was later repaired with the blood of the traitor being preserved forever beneath the field.

Really geared to finish my Blood Angels now, only have a few squads and vehicles left to highlighted - the entire army is painted up to that stage at least. Looking forward to finishing them finally and moving on to other projects (i'm tossing around an idea for a small Minotaurs army... much easier to paint i reckon!).

Painted up some more Lizardmen as well last week, but don't want to do a proper post until whole units are complete (a while off yet...). Although no idea why I keep torturing myself with Fantasy, I can never bloody win a game...

Darth Meer

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