Friday, 13 April 2012

New Rules For Lizardmen Mordheim Warband

Spent most of yesterday after work writing some rules for a Lizardmen warband. There is currently an unofficial   warband on Mordheimer, but i felt that it was way to overpowered, and very old fluff wise (it used totem warriors...). So, I've come up with my own rules, using the new army book and stealing stuff from the official warbands for balancing reasons.

View Lizardman Mordheim Warband Here

I've tried to match the Mordheim rulebooks format as much as I can, so it looks semi-professional. Also, I've started using Google Docs for my file hosting now, so any problems with this please let me know.

Currently in the process of painting a Lizardmen army so thought it would be another warband to use in our campaign - which has been going for nearly 10 games now with 6 players/teams. 4 of which have restarted their warband already! Me included...

On the 40k side, I've finished highlighting my Death Company, but they were the first models I painted for the army way back, so look a bit rubbish and am refusing to post them on here! Half way through the drop pod though so will post some pics when that's done (probably with the honour guard it will be deploying, no one wants to see just a boring drop pod).

Darth Meer

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