Thursday, 19 April 2012

Minotaurs Colour Scheme With New GW Paints

Now my Blood Angels are finally nearing completion, and 6th edition is on the way, I'm thinking it's time to start thinking about a new 40k army! Now I cant actually afford to buy an army straight off (and don't want to - will need to get used to the new rules, etc. first before I commit), so another marine army is a logical extension. I can use my existing models to proxy armies, while slowly replacing squads as I get used to playing them.

The army I've chosen is based on modelling potential, ease of painting (I'm not touching line highlighting for a while!), and background coolness. I bring you the Minotaurs! Picked up a set of paints when I was at WW on Wednesday and had a go at a bronze colour scheme (found at this great blog). No comments on the thick paint, I was using it straight out the pot on a tester model (which already had a coat), and will be spraying the layers when I do it properly!

First, Screaming Bell over a black undercoat. The new base paints really are thinner than the foundation paints, and needed a good two coats for decent coverage, but they are a lot less gloopy than foundations, and thus produce a much smoother base.

Stage 1

Second, Hashut Copper. Again, the paint is pretty thin and needed two coats. Good coverage on the second coat though, although you can still see some of the base colour through - which I actually like. Nice and smooth again.

Stage 2

Third, a Reikland Fleshshade er.. shade. All over. Really sorry about the blurry photo, I forgot to check if the photos were decent before I drybrushed the model... fail. The shade is REALLY nice though, much better flowing than the washes and didn't pool at all. Really looking forward to experimenting more with these bad boys. Also, has a nice matt finish which dulls down the metallic nicely.

Stage 3

Lastly, a drybush of Golden Griffin. To be honest, I don't like the effect of drybrush highlighting man sized models (vehicle are fine), so not really too impressed with the result, I think I will be sticking to a quick line highlight. Good to see what the new Drys are like though. Here's the finished bronze:

Stage 4
There you have it, new paints seem pretty cool, especially the shades! Not too impressed by the Dry range, but then again I hardly drybrush anyway.

After the uber competitive weekend that was the GT, me and my mate went to Warhammer World on Wednesday and had a more friendly game. We basically took lists that contained units that we don't usually play with. I used the vanilla marines codex for a change and tried thunderfires, bikes, tactical squads and vanguard vets. Now, as a Blood Angels player I've never really used these option, so was a complete novice. But I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised!

My mate took a chaos list with his uber lord of doom, berserkers, raptors and possessed. The raptors died pretty quickly as expected (they really aren't very good), but the possessed were pretty badass as they rolled power weapons and butchered the vanguards! Note to self, take more storm shields. Or maybe shoot the bloody things first.

The bikes are the glass hammer they're famous for, killed plenty but were charged by the berserkers and munched. Really want to learn how to use them, as I want to paint up a small squad for my Minotaurs (as they're something I've never used and look badass). I think a small unit of them would be able to hide pretty well and provide some quick counter punch to the army in the same was a assault marines do, but look more badass when doing it.

What really surprised me was the thunderfire cannon, this thing is awesome! Seriously, why don't people use these? The tremor shot is great against jump infantry and vehicles, and you get a techmarine who bolsters its cover (so isn't really as fragile as people think).

Overall, I'm really looking forward to using a different army, even if it's still encased in power armour and rhinos. Expect more reports of me finding out how to use proper Marines in the future. Well, until Tau eventually arrive... in which case I'm selling a kidney.

Darth Meer


  1. Thanks for sharing the step by step with the new colors. I too have found the new range to be slightly "thinner" in coverage and needing two coats most of the time.

    Ron, FTW

  2. Excellent to hear that your thinking of doing Minotaurs! Is there any chance I can get you to join up with The Badab Bloggers (found here We would really like you on board, there are also a few Minotaur collectors like Di Studios to exchange ideas with.
    If you'd like to then let me know thanks.

    1. Thanks for the comments guys. I'll have a mosey on over to the Badab Bloggers site and have a look! Not going to start Minotaurs properly for a while yet, waiting for the new FW upgrade kits to come out before I begin building! Plenty of time to plan and test stuff before that.