Sunday, 20 May 2012

Lizardmen Progress: Skinks and Campaign Markers Painted

More Lizardmen progress today! 20 Skinks have now been painted. As 5 point models, they sure are a lot of work to paint. These two units of 10 will be used as cheap redirectors, and to surprise the enemy with quick-to-fire Javelins when they leave solo-wizards and war machines unprotected :-D.

20 Purple Lizardmen Skinks
First unit of Skinks
Second unit of Skinks
Skink backs
The shields were painted with the new GW paint Evil Sunz Scarlet, which I have to say is pretty damn close to Blood Red. Although it actually covers a little too well over white, I liked the slightly translucent effect of Blood Red, and the new red turns out a bit darker overall.

I also finally painted up my army markers for our Blood in the Badlands campaign. We're just entering the Summer season now, but better late than never I suppose! Will still get plenty of use out of them, and beats using skinks as place-holders. The markers are simply banner tops stuck into a greenstuff 'hill'. The names on the markers are the names of my army generals - anyone guess where these suitably Lizardmen sounding names come from?

Lizardmen Campaign Markers
On the 40k front, my Baal Predators have been highlighted! Just a quick phone photo for now, as I'm experimenting with weathering powders and am waiting for the sun to come out in sunny Nottingham so I can spray varnish. I've tried rubbing alcohol but it REALLY didn't end well... Expect a post on my adventures in weathering powders when the sun does eventually appear, and the wind dies down to lower than hurricane-esque speeds.

Blood Angels Baal Predators

Darth Meer

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