Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lizardmen Progress: Temple Guard and Saurus Painted

Quick painting progress update for my purple Lizardmen today, along with some quick phone photos. Finished the first 10 of both my Temple Guard and Saurus units. I'm painting in multiples of 10 because I tend to get depressed when I see a unit of 40 saurus sitting on my desk ready to paint... Also, as with all my warhammer fantasy, no highlights on these bad boys! I just don't see the point when you have hundreds of models in an army... its all going to get lost in the sea of models anyway.

Lizardmen Temple Guard
Temple Guard are awesomely detailed models, although slightly annoying when you've spend ages painting the backs of shields when you can't actually see them! Took a bit more time with these than I would my core saurus troops, owing to their badass status. The colours on the saurus-type models work really well, I was a bit worried my skinks colour scheme wouldn't carry over well.

Lizardmen Saurus Warriors

Weirdly most of the detail is actually on the back of these models - and yes I am insane for painting each scale separately.

Lizardmen Temple Guard Rear

Lizardmen Saurus Warriors Rear
Darth Meer


  1. Thanks :-). Also, I have now painted their eyes if anyone was wondering...

  2. I really like the solid colour look you have going, I realised it's because you said they have no highlights... but it looks great!