Sunday, 6 May 2012

Minotaurs Colour Scheme Part 2 (Plus Weathering)

Grabbed a pot of Sycorax Bronze this week and tried a different scheme for my minotaurs. The model on the left is the previous scheme with Hashut Copper, the model on the right is the latest scheme with Sycorax Bronze:

What do people think? Which one looks better? Its simply Screaming Bell over a black undercoat, followed by a couple of thin layers of Sycorax Bronze and a Reikland Fleshshade wash. Also had a go at highlighting it with Mithril Silver (haven't got the new version yet):

Im not sure about this. Highlighted it very quick with a big brush - which may have something to do with the starkness of the highlight, but I think Mithril Silver is a bit to much of a contrast. I would rather have an 'out-of-pot' highlight colour though, as I need the army to be consistent throughout. Hmm... any ideas what colour I should use to highlight? Maybe a gold rather than silver?

I want my new Minotaurs to look rugged and worn rather than spangly and fresh (like my BA). Especially being so shiny in the first place. So I had a go at the weathering/chip effect that was in last month White Dwarf Space Wolves painting section. I used Mithril Silver again to begin with, then Scorched Brown (the old version of Rhinox Hide that was in the tutorial):

Turned out OK, but I think the chips need to be thinner! Very rugged though. I also bought some FW weathering powder and some isopropyl to try some weathering on my BA tanks.... so expect a post on that soon!

Darth Meer


  1. Hi there, found your blog through the conversion featured ftw, which looks fantastic by the way. I think the second one looks best, the bronze just looks more scale somehow. I agree the silver highlights look to stark but the damage looks really good! How do you get such smooth looking metallics? I always struggle with this.
    Cheers Rob.

    1. Thanks for your comment Rob! These two models are actually very rough test models, I'm hoping to spray the bronze basecoat on eventually and get an even smoother finish. Otherwise, I just recommend watering down your paint and doing a few thin layers rather than straight out the pot. Especially with the new GW metallics.

      Sorry for lack of posts lately, been on holiday for a while and haven't got back into the swing of hobby things yet! Expect a Minotaurs Scheme Part 3 post some time soon.