Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Blood Angels Stormraven Painted

It's done! Had a few mishaps with broken cockpits that didn't want to sit flush with the hull (elastic bands and much PVA solved this), and weak bloody tail fin joints that snap and needed re-glueing and touching up... but otherwise came out OK. Didn't have a piece of paper big enough so photo has stupid paper shadows, really need to get a big piece of card or something.

Snapping the cockpit window did give me the opportunity to highlight the cockpit itself though, so all ends well I suppose. Also finished my Razorback too, here's a quick phone photo. Won't do a proper pic until I finish the squad and do a group shot.

Really want to have a go with weathering powders though. My vehicle still need that *something* at the moment. Of course I'll actually have to work out how to use them... any tips send them in!

Really looking forward to this weekend now, just a 5-man squad to highlight before then, while I should be able to start tomorrow. Although the next Warhammer campaign game is at Warhammer World in the evening so may not have as much time as I'd hoped.

Darth Meer

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  1. Nice job on that one!
    The line highlights are nice and sharp. Doing that to any large vehicle gets tons of credit in my book. As far as weathering powders, I've gone through that to no end on my stuff. This might help, Weathering tips and tricks

    Nice work!
    Ron, FTW