Monday, 20 February 2012

Kill Team Rules Playtest and Hobby Updates

Our playtest of the Kill Team ruleset at Warhammer World yesterday went well. The game was super quick (~30min), and flowed nicely. Could have done with a bit more cover-giving intervening terrain such as barrels, walls, and misc obstacles though - both teams dropped like flies pretty quickly. Although we have very limited choice of board as the bloomin' 40k Throne of Skulls was on!

Busy Warhammer World
There were a few questions about force selection (esp in the Chaos Marines codex) that will have to be in a mini FAQ. Something I'll just add to as we encounter issues. We also came up with a few new rules, in addition to the one we already created - see earlier posts, to make the game faster and more akin to a skirmish ruleset.

Instead of using the normal rules for running, use the following rules in a game of Kill Team: Every model may Run in the Movement phase, this adds 6" on to a models maximum movement (so an Infantry models can move 12" instead of 6"). If a model Runs, they may not shoot or assault that turn. They may still assault if they have the Fleet special rule.

A model in Kill Team may climb walls and jump gaps up to 6" high/wide during their movement phase. To do this they must move up to the wall or gap and still have enough movement left to be able to climb or jump the distance required. The model must pass an Initiative test. If they pass, they climb or jump successfully and may continue moving if they have any movement left. If they fail when climbing up, the model simply stays at the bottom of the wall. If they fail when climbing down or jumping a gap, they fall: The model falls from the point they started to climb/fall and takes an automatic hit equal to the distance they fell in inches.

Any model must take a Leadership test if any friendly model is killed within 3”. If failed, the model is immediately subject to the ‘going to ground’ rule.

Area of Effect:
There are items that are carried by one model that affect the whole unit to which they are attached. As every model counts as a single unit in Kill Team the item would be of limited use. In games of Kill Team these items will instead have an Area of Effect. Any friendly model within 6” of a model carrying one of these items gains the benefits from the item.

Also had a nice relaxing 1500 point game. We used two of our less used armies and was good to see them on the table again. It's also nice to be able to outnumber an opponent for once!:

Cadian 501st vs Emperors Children (Red Rhinos = Chimeras...)

Progress is slow on highlighting my Stormraven for the 40k doubles tournament this coming weekend, see below for what I've done so far (sorry for crappy phone pic, will do a proper photo when its finished). Just the Stormraven, a Razorback, and a 5-man squad to highlight in 4 days... Might be able to do it!

Stormraven WIP

Darth Meer

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